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Service Change Notice 18-15

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring MD

240 PM EST Fri Feb 2 2018


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Michelle Hawkins, Chief

         Severe, Fire, Public and Winter Weather Services Branch


Subject: Changes in fire and Public zones for NWS Weather    

         Forecast Office Houston, TX, effective May 1, 2018


Effective Tuesday May 1, 2018, at 100 PM Central Daylight

Time (CDT), 1800 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the NWS will

realign coastal public and fire zones within the Weather

Forecast Office (WFO) Houston/Galveston area of responsibility

along the Texas Gulf Coast.


In total, 6 current zones will be converted into 15 separate

zones. These new zones are being divided to optimize issuance of

hazard products for conditions that vary significantly within

the coastal environment.


TXZ200 (Liberty County) will be divided into 2 segments:

Northern Liberty (TXZ200) and Southern Liberty (TXZ300).


TXZ213 (Harris County) will be divided into 2 segments: Inland

Harris (TXZ213) and Coastal Harris (TXZ313).


TXZ235 (Jackson County) will be divided into 2 segments:

Inland Jackson (TXZ235) and Coastal Jackson (TXZ335).


TXZ236 (Matagorda County) will be divided into 3 segments:

Inland Matagorda (TXZ236), Coastal Matagorda (TXZ336),

and Matagorda Islands (TXZ436).


TXZ237 (Brazoria County) will be divided into 3 segments: Inland

Brazoria (TXZ237), Coastal Brazoria (TXZ337), and Brazoria

Islands (TXZ437).


TXZ238 (Galveston County) will be divided into 3 segments:

Inland Galveston (TXZ238), Coastal Galveston (TXZ338),

and Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula (TXZ438).


Table 1:  Current coastal public and fire zones and

corresponding Universal Geographic Codes (UGC) for

WFO Houston/Galveston, TX


UGC: Current Public/Fire Zone Name


TXZ200: Liberty

TXZ213: Harris

TXZ235: Jackson

TXZ236: Matagorda

TXZ237: Brazoria

TXZ238: Galveston


Table 2: Public/Fire Zones and corresponding Universal

Geographic Codes (UGC) for which WFO Houston/Galveston, TX, will

issue forecasts and warnings effective May 1, 2018


UGC: New Public/Fire Zone Name


TXZ200: Northern Liberty

TXZ300: Southern Liberty


TXZ213: Inland Harris

TXZ313: Coastal Harris


TXZ235: Inland Jackson

TXZ335: Coastal Jackson


TXZ236: Inland Matagorda

TXZ336: Coastal Matagorda

TXZ436: Matagorda Islands


TXZ237: Inland Brazoria

TXZ337: Coastal Brazoria

TXZ437: Brazoria Islands


TXZ238: Inland Galveston

TXZ338: Coastal Galveston

TXZ438: Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula


Table 3:  Selected cities included in the new public/fire zones

effective May 1, 2018


UGC: Primary cities within New Zones


TXZ200: Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty

TXZ300: Devers and Moss Bluff


TXZ213: Houston, Humble, Katy, Pasadena and Tomball

TXZ313: Baytown, La Porte, Seabrook and Webster


TXZ235: Edna

TXZ335: None


TXZ236: Bay City

TXZ336: Palacios and Sargent

TXZ436: None


TXZ237: Alvin, Angleton and Pearland

TXZ337: Freeport, Lake Jackson and Liverpool

TXZ437: Surfside Beach


TXZ238: Friendswood, Western League City and Santa Fe

TXZ338: Eastern League City, Kemah and Texas City

TXZ438: Galveston and Crystal Beach


Table 4:  NWS products affected by the WFO Houston/Galveston TX

public and fire zone changes effective May 1, 2018:


Product Name                    WMO Heading      AWIPS ID

------------------------------  ------------     --------

Hurricane Local Statement       WTUS84 KHGX       HLSHGX

Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning  WTNT8X KNHC       TCVATX

Local Watch/Warning Statement   WTUS84 KHGX       TCVHGX

Coastal Hazard Message          WHUS44 KHGX       CFWHGX

Fire Weather Forecast           FNUS54 KHGX       FWFHGX

Fire Weather Message            WWUS84 KHGX       RFWHGX

Zone Forecast                   FPUS54 KHGX       ZFPHGX

Point Forecast Matrices         FOUS54 KHGX       PFMHGX

Tsunami Message                 WEXX20 PAAQ       TSUAT1

Public Information Statement    NOUS44 KHGX       PNSHGX

Non-Precipitation Warnings      WWUS74 KHGX       NPWHGX

Flood Watch                     WGUS64 KHGX       FFAHGX

Special Weather Statement       WWUS84 KHGX       SPSHGX

Winter Weather Message          WWUS44 KHGX       WSWHGX

Area Forecast Discussion        FXUS64 KHGX       AFDHGX

Hazardous Weather Outlook       FLUS44 KHGX       HWOHGX

Area Forecast Matrices          FOUS54 KHGX       AFMHGX

Air Quality Alert Message       AEUS74 KHGX       AQAHGX


Users of WFO Houston/Galveston's products must reprogram

affected hardware and software to continue correctly

processing the above mentioned products.


Users accessing NWS graphical forecasts must download updated

zone map shapefiles to correctly view forecasts for Southeast

Texas. Updated zone map shapefiles containing the new

public and fire zones are available online at:


A graphical depiction of WFO HGXs modified Fire and Public

Weather Forecast Zones are online:


If you have any questions, please contact:


Jeff Evans

WFO Houston/Galveston

Dickinson, TX

281-337-5074 x222


Melinda Bailey

NWS Southern Region Headquarters

Fort Worth, TX 76102

904-741-4470 x223


National Service Change Notices are online at: