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Technical Implementation Notice 13-17

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1055 AM EDT Fri Jun 28 2013


To:       Subscribers:

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          -Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:     Timothy McClung

          Chief, Science Plans Branch

          Office of Science and Technology


Subject:  Activation of GOES HD Hourly Winds

          Effective July 30, 2013


On or about Tuesday, July 30, 2013, beginning approximately 1500

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), GOES HD Hourly Winds will be

broadcast across the NOAAPORT satellite broadcast network, in

BUFR format, augmenting the current 3-hourly GOES HD Winds. The

WMO Headers for these products will be in the form: 


     TTAAii CCCC = J[c]CX[r]1 KNES for the GOES HD Hourly Winds


where T2 = c represents the corresponding data channels, with

values as follows:


  value of "c"      GOES East     GOES West


IR Cloud Drift           A            C

Water Vapor              E            G

Visible                  H            J

Short Wave               Q            R

Sounder Ch10             K            M

Sounder Ch11             N            P


and i1 = r represents the standard BUFR regions, ranging in

value from 0 to 9.


For questions regarding the scientific or technical content of

the GOES HD Hourly Winds, please contact:


     Hongming Qi

     5830 University Research Blvd., Room 3629

     College Park, Maryland  20740

     Phone: 301-683-3238



For questions regarding the NOAAPORT activation or distribution

of these data sets, please contact:


     Brian Gockel

     NOAA/NWS Office of Science and Technology

     Phone: 301-713-0304 x158



NWS Technical Implementation Notices are online at: