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Technical Implementation Notice 13-47

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

3:00 PM EST Thu Dec 05 2013


TO:       National Weather Service Offices (NWS)

          Federal Aviation Administration Customers (FAA)

          Family of Services Subscriber (FOS)

          Other Customers of NWS Aviation Forecasts


FROM:     Cyndie Abelman

          Chief, Aviation Services Branch      


SUBJECT:  2014 Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (CCFP)

          Production Schedule Effective March 03, 2014


NOTE:     The following changes have no impact on NOAA Weather   

          Wire Service subscribers


Start time for the initial 2014 CCFP is 0300 EST on Monday,

March 3, 2014. CCFP forecasts will be issued daily beginning at

0300 and concluding at 2100 Eastern Time.  Forecasts will be

issued every 2 hours and contain a forecast valid for 4, 6 and 8

hours.  These forecasts will coincide with the ATCSCC Strategic

Planning Team telcons.


The concluding forecast for the 2014 convective season will be

made Friday, October 31, 2014 at 1900 EDT.


There will be no changes to the forecast hours, coverage

definitions or text boxes this year.


The CCFP is available via the NWS Telecommunications Gateway

circuit in an ASCII coded text format under the following WMO

communications headers.


  FAUS28 KKCI 4 Hour Forecast

  FAUS29 KKCI 6 Hour Forecast

  FAUS30 KKCI 8 Hour Forecast


Additional information on CCFP can be found at (use lowercase):


For questions concerning the CCFP schedule or testing, contact:


  Debra Blondin

  Chief, Domestic Operations Branch

  Aviation Weather Center

  Kansas City, MO 64153-2371



National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: