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Technical Implementation Notice 16-44

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

215 PM EST Fri Dec 16 2016


TO:       Subscribers:

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners and Employees


FROM:     Mark B. Miller

          Chief, Program Management Branch

           Surface and Upper Air Division

          Office of Observations


SUBJECT:  Aircraft Observations over South America added

          Effective on November 2, 2016


Effective on November 2, 2016, the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) began transmitting a new message

bulletin under the WMO Header:




The bulletin contains aircraft-based reports over and near the

South American continent and will be issued on a recurring basis

multiple times each day.


For additional information on aircraft observations, see:



For additional information on decoding BUFR messages, see:


If you have questions or feedback, please contact:


Curtis Marshall

NWS Office of Observations

Program Management Branch W/OBS31

Phone: 301-427-9244



National Technical Implementation notices are online: