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Integrated Operations Branch
NOAAPORT Gridded Data Requirements (MS Excel Format - *.xls)

Table 2.1A (ngm north american grid 202)
Table 2.1B (ngm con and ak reg grids 211 and 207)
Table 2.2 A, B, C, D, E (avn NH201, NA202, AK203, CO211, CO213, HI225)
Table 2.2F (NWW3 grids GWW233, WNA238, AKW239, NAH244)
Table 2.2G (GLERL grid 227)
Table 2.3A,B (Hemi and National Scale MRF grids)
Table 2.4 Redbook graphics
Table 2.7a (early eta con grids 211, 207)
Table 2.7b (meso eta reg grids 212, 215)
Table 2.7c (meso eta bufr sndg)
Table 2.7d (meso eta ak grids 216, 217)
Table 2.8 (ukmet grids)
Table 2.9 (ecmwf global grids)
Table 3.0 (nogaps 229 grid)
Table 3.4A (rfc qpf grid 218)
Table 3.4B (rfc ffg grid 240)
Table 2.5 (ruc con reg grids)
Table 2.5 (ruc236)

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