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Integrated Operations Branch
New Products Update

Products Added to NOAAPORT Since January 2001:

  • NCEP/EMC Eta BUFR Model Soundings (DRG RC 2449)
  • NCEP/EMC RUC2 236 Grids (DRG RC 2565)
  • NCEP/EMC AVN 225 OCONUS Grids (4th Channel) (DRG RC 2532)
  • NCEP/EMC Off Cycle AWIPS AVN Grids (06Z & 18Z) to 72 Hrs. (DRG RC 2585)
  • NCEP/EMC NOAA Wave Watch III Grids to 120 Hrs. (DRG RC 2516)
  • UKMAT Off Cycle WAFS UKMET Grids (06Z & 18Z) to 72 Hrs.
  • NCEP/EMC Off Cycle WAFS AVN Grids (06Z & 18Z) to 72 Hrs. (DRG RC AA283)
  • NCEP/EMC Extended FOUS Bulletins from 48 Hrs to 60Hrs (DRG RC 2591)
  • NCEP/EMC Global and Regional Wave Spectral Bulletins (DRG RC 2594, 2598, AA252)
  • RFC Flash Flood Guidance Grids (DRG RC AA239)
  • NCEP/SPC Probabilistic Day 1 and 2 Outlook Graphics (RBG) (DRG RC 2603)
  • NCEP/CPC Heat Index Outlook Graphics (RBG) (DRG RC AA214)
  • NESDIS Satellite Data Processing Text Bulletin (DRG RC AA275)

Products Pending Approval for NOAAPORT Dissemination:

  • Navy NOGAPS Grids out to 120 Hrs. (DRG RC 2556)
  • NCEP/DoD SSMI BUFR Marine Winds (DRG RC 2598, AA212, AA217)
  • NCEP/EURMETSAT ERS BUFR Marine Winds (DRG RC 2598)
  • NWS/OOS SOC Additional WSR-88D Radar Products (TG Announcement FOS/NP 1955)
  • NCEP Eta (216, 217) OCONUS Grids (DRG RC AA193)
  • NCEP/EMC Dissemination of 0-3 Hour Quantitative Precipitation and Lightning Probability Forecast Grids (DRG RC AA284)
  • NCEP/HPC Potential for Significant Flooding Graphic (RBG) (DRG RC 309)
  • NCEP/HPC Max/Min Temperature and PoP Forecasts in BUFR (DRG RC AA314)
  • NCEP/HPC Max/Min Temperature, Cloud, and PoP Forecast Grids (DRG RC AA318)
  • NCEP/EMC North Atlantic Hurricane (GFDL Forced) NWW3 Wave Grids (DRG RC 2597)
  • NCEP/EMC Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Grids (DRG RC AA267)
  • NCEP/AWC National Convective Weather Forecast (NCWF) Products (GRIB and BUFR) (DRG RC AA274)
  • NCEP/AWC Collaborative Convective Forecast Product Graphic (RBG) (DRG RC 2602)

Products Proposed for NOAAPORT Dissemination:

  • NCEP/TPC Tropical Hazards Graphics (RBG)
  • NCEP/EMC Eta (237) OCONUS Grids
  • NCEP/EMC AVN BUFR Model Soundings
  • NESDIS GOES BUFR Profiler Sounding
  • NESDIS GOES BUFR High Density Winds
  • NCEP (RFC) 6hr QPE National Mosaic Grid
  • NWS 2 Km. Radar Mosaic Grid
  • NCEP/EMC Eta and RUC 12/20Km Surface Grids
  • NCEP/EMC Global Ensemble Grids
  • NCEP/EMC Eta Grids Out to 84 Hrs.
  • NESDIS GOES M Support

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