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Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services
NWS Observing Services Division
Division Chief: Kevin Schrab

ASOS in sunsetFunction: The Observing Services Division (OS7) develops and maintains plans, policies, procedures and standards for surface and upper air observing services approved or provided by the NWS. OS7 also manages the NWS Cooperative Observer Program. Staff monitors and ensures field compliance with policies, procedures and standards. The Division oversees development and implementation of observing systems and enhancements to ensure changes comply with standards and service requirements. Staff works with other service and operations divisions. The division leads one or more NWS cross-cut observing IWTs to develop observation user requirements and define agency solutions.

OS7 provides guidance to the Office of Operational Services and the Office of Science and Technology on system specifications, designs, prototypes and operational tests. OS7 recommends changes in networks or facilities to meet data requirements. Staff develops plans to implement operational data acquisition systems. The Division monitors test programs, evaluates reports and recommends whether to adopt new equipment and procedures. In coordination with other NWS divisions, OS7 staff identifies and analyzes operational problems, develop proposals to remedy deficiencies, and sets priorities for correcting deficiencies.

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