This Technical Procedures Bulletin (TPB), written by John Jensenius, Jr., J. Paul Dallavalle, and Stephen Gilbert, of the Techniques Development Laboratory, describes the Aviation Model (AVN)- Based statistical weather forecast message, which will b implemented August 31, 1994. Forecasts are available for stations in the contiguous United States and in Alaska. Included in the guidance are daily forecasts (through 72-hours) of daytime maximum and nighttime minimum temperature, probability of precipitation (PoP) for 12-hour periods, conditional probability of snow for 12-hour periods, and mean opaque cloudiness for 12-hour periods. This guidance will be prepared twice daily for the 0000 and 12000 UTC forecast cycles. A sample message for the future Weather Service Forecast Office in Albany, New York (WFO ALY), based on the 0000 UTC cycle on December 8, 1991, is used throughout the TPB to discuss the various forecast elements in detail. Each section begins with the portion of the message being discussed, preceded by the message heading, to enhance readability. A double-sided light blue reference card for these messages is included with the TPB.

This document is available only in PDF format .

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