This bulletin, prepared by Dr. R. W. Grumbine of the Ocean Modeling Branch, Environmental Modeling Center, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, describes automated sea ice concentration analysis which is derived from passive microwave satellite observations and is provided in digital form. These analysis fields were implemented for use by the NCEP models (weather, wave, and sea ice), the National Ice Center, and Arctic weather service offices.

The automated ice concentration fields have been produced experimentally since April 1994. The data input are derived from the Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSMI) instrument on Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites (F-11 originally, changed to F-13 in May, 1995). The ice concentrations are derived from the observations by using the NASA Team algorithm (Cavalieri, 1992) with brightness temperatures adjusted according to Abdalati et al. (1995). Weather contamination is filtered from the ice concentrations by application of the Cavalieri weather filter (1992) as extended in Grumbine (1996). The result is two hemispheric grids designed for use by ice analysts and a global grid designed for use by numerical models. The automated ice concentration analysis will be implemented as soon as the current moratorium on implementations is lifted.
This is the first Technical Procedures Bulletin on the Subject.

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Last Modified: November 03, 1997