This bulletin, written by Geoffrey Manikin, Michael Baldwin, William Collins, Joseph Gerrity, Dennis Keyser, Ying Lin, Kenneth Mitchell, and Eric Rogers, contains the changes which were made to the Meso Eta.

The changes described are for the 32-km 45-layer Mesoscale Eta model (also known as the "Early" Eta at 00z and 12z and referred to as the Meso Eta). The model is run 4 times per day at 00Z, 06Z, 12Z, and 18Z with identical resolution. Each run now goes out to 48 hours and each run is initialized from the fully cycled Eta Data Assimilation System (EDAS) of 12 hour duration. AWIPS output for the off-time (06 and 18Z) runs is only available out to 33 and 30 hours, respectively, due to the previous time format of those runs.

The changes are, for the most part, to extend the prognoses times and products; however, some internal changes to the hydrometeor parameterizations are also included.

It is a large bulletin and is available in both .pdf and html. The links in the html document are external and may not be maintained.

Document in Acrobat Format (85 pages)