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This bulletin, prepared by Dr. H. Jean Thiébaux, Mr. Bert Katz, Dr. Wanqiu Wang, and Mr. Lawrence D. Burroughs of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, describes a new, real-time, global sea surface temperature analysis (RTG_SST). This product has been developed specifically for use by the NCEP Weather Analysis and Forecasting suite of models. Each daily product uses the most recent 24-hours of in situ and satellite-derived surface temperature data and provides a global SST on a 0.5 Degree x 0.5 Degree longitude/latitude (lon/lat) grid.

The RTG_SST was implemented on 30 January 2001 in a crisis mode, and now provides the sea surface temperature fields for the Meso Eta Model, formerly provided by the NESDIS 50 km satellite-only sea surface temperature analysis.

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