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Deactivation of Password Aging


Request for Change AC890, Deactivation of CRS Password Aging, was approved on May 5. Software Note 7 contains the procedures to deactivate password aging on both MPs, all FEPs, and the VIP. No new software is needed to deactivate password aging; it is accomplished by issuing commands and editing files.

This is an interim procedure that will prevent the stoppage of messages from AWIPS to CRS in the event a site unintentionally fails to change the CRS passwords within 90 days. The enforcement mechanism for changing CRS passwords every 90 days will be via reminder messages generated from the NCF and verification back to the NCF from each office that the passwords have been changed. The CRS password reminder message will be included in the quarterly AWIPS password reminder message. The initial CRS password reminder message is scheduled to be distributed in mid-June 2005. Once the ftp transfer of messages from AWIPS to CRS is replaced with sftp, the stoppage will no longer occur if and when the CRS user password expires. When the sftp transfer is implemented in AWIPS, instructions will be issued to activate CRS password aging again along with other important information concerning the transfer of sftp authorization keys.

While this interim procedure is in place, slightly different procedures must be followed if the CRS software must be re-installed on the MPs and FEPs or if the VIP hard drive must be re-built. Appendix C, CRS Software Installation Procedure, and Appendix Z, VIP Backup and Recovery Procedures, of the CRS System Administration Manual must not be used once password aging has been deactivated.

Software Note 7 contains the EMRS instructions for reporting the modification - all sites must complete this action by June 30, 2005.


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