ROAMS Alarm Title Customization

Customize CRS ROAMS Alarm Titles (Build 6.4)

CRS Build 6.4 sites may make changes to ROAMS Alarm Titles using the Main Display GUI while CRS is running. Permanent changes must be made to the site ASCII file. Changes made to the site database using the GUI are NOT automatically mirrored to the site ASCII text file. Default alarm title information pertains to all transmitters.

If not already open, log onto the CRS system as user admin.

Open the Transmitter -> ROAMS -> Title Setup window.



Select a transmitter in the Transmitters window and click on the selected transmitters radio button.


Select an Alarm Number: from the pull-down menu.


Enter a value in the NAME field.


Enter a value in the Alarm ON Label: field.


Enter a value in the Alarm OFF Label: field.


Repeat the above steps for any additional title changes. Click the Apply hot key to save the changes.


CRS Build 6.4 does NOT automatically mirror changes to the site ASCII text file. Permanent changes to the ASCII file can be made using the /user/X/bin/dtedit text editor.

If not already open, log onto the CRS system as user admin.

Open the Maintenance -> Unix Shell window from the pull-down menu.

At the command prompt type the following command (see the following bold command example):

0MP{admin} su crs
Enter the password when prompted.

0MP{crs} /usr/X/bin/dtedit &

After the dtedit window opens, open the file by clicking on the File -> Open pull-down menu selection. Enter the full path name and filename in the File field, then click Open.

Scroll down to the last section of the ASCII text file, which will be labled :BLOCK 18:

Initially the text file is configured so ALL transmitters share common ROAMS Alarm Titles. In order to permentantly customize the ROAMS Alarm Titles on a transmitter by transmitter basis, a cut-and-paste operation will need to be executed. There will be one cut-and-paste operation for each transmitter configured. Additionally, a station mnemonic field will have to be added after each alarm title line. In the following example, :BLOCK 18: is configured for a site with two transmitters, STRB and BAKER. The transmitter mnemonic must match existing transmitter mnemonics from :BLOCK 5: entries. Note that each alarm title line ends with a transmitter mnemonic. Also note the different Alarm Titles for Alarms 0 and 3 for each transmitter, necessitating the transmitter by transmitter customization.

:BLOCK 18:
#ROAMS ALARM Title Setup
#Alarm Alarm Fault Set Bit
#Number Title 1 0
0 "Input Power (Secondary)" On Off STRB
1 "Transmitter 1 (High Power)" On Off STRB
2 "Transmitter 2 (High Power)" On Off STRB
3 "Input Power (Primary)" On Off STRB
4 "Over Temperature (Inside)" Yes No STRB
5 "Over Temperature (Bldg.)" Yes No STRB
6 "Spare" STRB
7 "Spare" STRB
8 "Transmitter Audio In" No Yes STRB
9 "Transmitter Audio Out" No Yes STRB
10 "Radio Carrier Detect" No Yes STRB
11 "NWRSAME Detect" No Yes STRB
12 "Transmitter Deviation" Fail Pass STRB
13 "Signal/Noise Ratio" Fail Pass STRB
0 "Input Power (Primary)" On Off BAKER
1 "Transmitter 1 (High Power)" On Off BAKER
2 "Transmitter 2 (High Power)" On Off BAKER
3 "Input Power (Secondary)" On Off BAKER
4 "Over Temperature (Inside)" Yes No BAKER
5 "Over Temperature (Bldg.)" Yes No BAKER
6 "Spare" BAKER
7 "Spare" BAKER
8 "Transmitter Audio In" No Yes BAKER
9 "Transmitter Audio Out" No Yes BAKER
10 "Radio Carrier Detect" No Yes BAKER
11 "NWRSAME Detect" No Yes BAKER
12 "Transmitter Deviation" Fail Pass BAKER
13 "Signal/Noise Ratio" Fail Pass BAKER

After making the changes to the ASCII text file, use the File -> Save As and File -> Exit options to save the new file and exit the editor.

Copy the saved ASCII text file to 5MP using the following commands (see the following bold commands):

0MP{crs} rcp -p /crs/data/SS/<Your_Modified_Filename>.ASC 5MP:/crs/data/SS
0MP{crs} exit
0MP{admin} exit

This ASCII file shall be used the next time a full Initialize System Configuration and Database procedure is executed.

Page Author: A.W. Jarvi, W/OPS23, Office of Operational Systems
Last reviewed: 17 May 2001...awj