ROAMS Alarm Title Customization

Customize CRS ROAMS Alarm Titles (Build 7)

CRS Build 7 sites may make changes to ROAMS Alarm Titles using the Main Display GUI and the XCRS_SITE utility Create ASCII file while CRS is running. Default alarm title information pertains to all transmitters.

If not already open, log onto the CRS system as user admin.

Open the Transmitter -> ROAMS -> Title Setup window.



Select a transmitter in the Transmitters window and click on the selected transmitters radio button.


Select an Alarm Number: from the pull-down menu.


Enter a value in the NAME field.


Enter a value in the Alarm ON Label: field.


Enter a value in the Alarm OFF Label: field.


Repeat the above steps for any additional title changes. Click the Apply hot key to save the changes.


Save the changes to a new site ASCII file using the XCRS_SITE utility Create ASCII file while CRS is running. Access the XCRS_SITE Utilities Window by moving the mouse cursor to a blank work area of the CRS Main Display Window and then pressing the left mouse button without releasing it. With the CRS Utilities Window on the screen, move the cursor to the first option to select it.


Click on the Create ASCII file button.



Assign a unique name to the new distinctive site ASCII file. Example: TOP05222001.ASC The click the Create ASCII file button.



Verify the successful creation of the ASCII file. Click the Exit button. This ASCII file shall be used the next time a full Initialize System Configuration and Database procedure is executed.

Page Author: A.W. Jarvi, W/OPS23, Office of Operational Systems
Last reviewed: 22 May 2001...awj