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RRS External Data Pump (XDP)

The External Data Pump is a simulator for use with the Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS) Workstation Subsystem (RWS).

By selecting stored files, upper air flights may be simulated. Normally the RWS is connected to a number of hardware devices (SPS, TRS, RSOIS, PDB, etc.) for live data. Alternately, the RWS can be connected to an XDP for simulated live data. The XDP pumps various data, from an external PC, into the RWS as if the RWS were actually connected to the live RRS hardware instruments. This permits repeatable testing of the RWS hardware interfaces and software algorithms with user-selectable data sets.

The XDP is a simple GUI built on top of the RPX (Radiosonde Protocol eXecutive) library/program. XDP is essentially a Windows user interface display and logger simulating the output of the five RRS RS232 data streams or principal hardware devices (i.e., the serial ports of the SPS, TRS, RSOIS, PDB, and RDF equipment). XDP displays and records the raw data and protocol exchanges for each port. XDP runs on Windows 95 or NT or 2000, with a 1024x768 screen or larger.

XDP is generally used for simulating SPS radiosonde baselines or flights, and/or TRS command and response activity, and/or data input from the RDF (ART) or RSOIS or PDB. XDP mimics the protocol and data flow for each equipment type, using canned data. The simulation data files and the comms port assignments are configurable by the user.

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