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Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services

The NWS Office of Services produces outreach materials to help you prepare for weather emergencies. Many publications are ONLY available online, no printed copies are available. These publications say DOWNLOAD. You can order printed copies of SOME of the publications from your local NWS Office, the NOAA Education Outreach Center, or the American Red Cross. There is no charge for any of the publications. You need a free copy of Abobe reader to view pdf files.

Cooperative Observer Program
Emergency Preparedness/StormReady

NOAA Weather Radio
Rip Currents
Storm Spotters
Lightning, , Thunderstorms,Tornadoes
Winter Storms
Safety and Awareness Links



Key to Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) and Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR)
ASOS Guide For Pilots, pdf


Billy and Maria Coloring Book, pdf
Owlie Skywarn™: Watch Out...Storms Ahead, pdf
Owlie Skywarn: Tornadoes, pdf
Owlie Skywarn: Hurricane, pdf
Owlie Skywarn: Floods, pdf
Owlie Skywarn: Lightning, pdf
Owlie Skywarn: Winter Storms, pdf
Weather Ranger Bookmark


What is Drought? 2 Page Fact Sheet
What is Drought?: 3 Page Fact Sheet
What is El Nino, La Nina and ENSO?: 2 Page fact sheet
What is El Nino, La Nina and ENSO?: 4 Page fact sheet
What is the Local 3-Month Temperature Outlook (L3MTO): short
What is the Local 3-month Temperature Outlook (L3MTO): long
NOAA’s Online Weather Data ( NOWData) Factsheet

Cooperative Observer Program
Cooperative Observer Program flyer/brochure

Emergency Preparedness/StormReady

StormReady, StormReady Info
FEMA's Emergency Preparedness Materials, pdf
StormReady/TsunamiReady Program Flyer, PDF


Flood Safety for You and Your Family, pdf
Guide to Hydrologic Information on the Web, pdf
Flood Preparation and Flood Safety (Flood Insurance)
Turn Around Don't Drown™, NWS/NSC version, pdf
Tropical Cyclone Flooding: A Deadly Inland Danger
Floods...The Awesome Power, pdf
Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods
Protección y seguridad del agua y los alimentos en caso de huracán, corte de energía eléctrica e inundaciones

Heat Wave: pdf


Tropical Cyclones: A Preparedness Guide, 4/13, Espanol, 6/12 Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart: pdf, eps
Hurricane Safety Flyer: Before, During and After a Hurricane, trifold pdf
Hurricane Safety Flyer: Before, During and After a Hurricane, flyer pdf
Tropical Cyclone Flooding: A Deadly Inland Danger
Introduction to Storm Surge, Espanol, 6/12
La Seguridad de Tiempo: Los Huracanes
Hawaiian Hurricane Safety Measures
Central Pacific Tracking Chart

Atlantic/Pacific Hurricane Names
East Pacific Hurricane Tracking Map: 12" x 24"

NOAA Weather Radio (NWR)
brochure, poster, map and other materials

Rip Currents

Break the Grip of the Rip brochure™: INDD or PDF,
Resaca! Escapese De La Resaca™: INDD or PDF Espanol

Thunderstorms, Lightning, and Tornadoes

The Dr Lightning Show: Intro, Victims, Safety, Science (ppt, animated)
Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning...Nature's Most Violent Storms: pdf

Lightning Safety for You and Your Family
Fact About Lightning, pdf color


Tsunami Bookmark, pdf
Tsunami Awareness and Safety Fact Sheet, pdf—Two-Pager, Trifold
Tsunami Zone Brochure
NOAA Tsunami Program Fact Sheet (4 pages, 11x17 folded), pdf— English | Spanish | French
NOAA Tsunami Program Fact Sheet (4 pages, 8 1/2x11), pdf—English | Spanish | French
NOAA Tsunami Program Fact Sheet (2 pages)
Tsunami, The Great Waves (2012), pdf (multiple languages)
Tsunami Awareness and Education Resources (ITIC)

Winter Storms
Winter Storms...The Deceptive Killers, pdf

Storm Spotter Materials

Sky Watcher Spotter Cloud Poster/Chart, jpg, pdf, high resolution
Guía De Observaciόn de la Nubes, jpg, pdf, high resolution
Citizen Scientist: Cooperative Observer and Spotter Programs, pdf
Weather Spotters Guide
, pdf, Espanol
Printed copies of Spotter's Guides available only to NWS staff to distribute at training classes. For information on free SKYWARN spotter training, contact your local office. Look for the SKYWARN link on the left navigation bar.

Other information regarding disaster preparedness and education can be found on the Web pages of other federal agencies and NWS partners:

and at other NOAA offices:


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