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Hydrology Data Links

The National Weather Service hydrometeorology programs rely on data from a variety of sources. This page provides links to descriptions and online data sources. Select from the image map or the list of links below.

Pictures of each gage type


RAWS and METAR Hourly Wx Obs - Western Region Climate Center
SNOTEL and Snow Course Data Links - NRCS
NWS National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) - USA snow data
Real-time Streamflow Data - USGS


Automated Local Flood Warning Systems
Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System (IFLOWS)
Automated Local Evaluatiion in Real Time (ALERT)
IFLOWS Automated Flood Warning Systems
IFLOWS Automated Flood Warning Systems - development history
ALERT Flood Warning Systems - technology and user group information
NWS Automated Local Flood Warning Systems Handbook
Automative Surface Observing System (ASOS) and Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS)
Automated Surface Observations - Office of Systems Operations
What is ASOS?
Cooperative Observer Program
NWS Cooperative Observer Program
Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS)
Guide to RAWS observations - NWS Boise Fire Wx page
Snow Data
Guide to the SNOTEL Monitoring Network
SNOTEL Data Collection Information - NRCS
NWS NOHRSC - explanation of remote sensing technology
Soil Data
Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) - NRCS Water and Climate Center
U.S. Geological Survey Stream Gage Data
Guide to the USGS Stream Gaging Program


Data Retrieval
NRCS Data Acquisition Technology How do we get data? - Mid-Atlantic River Forecast Center What data do we get? - Mid-Atlantic River Forecast Center
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)
GOES Data Distribution System - list of cooperators GOES Spacecraft Diagram
Hydrometeorological Automated Data System (HADS)
What is HADS? HADS Home Page HADS Users Handbook HADS Database - List DCPs by Hydrologic Service Area
Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format (SHEF)
SHEF Element Format, Duration Code - WHFS Support Group, NOAA staff only


Precipitation Climatology
Probable Maximum Precipitation Analysis - NWS OH Hydrologic Design Studies Center
PRISM Precipitation Normals Analysis - maps by state and region - Western Region Climate Center
Western U.S. Precipitation Frequency Analysis Maps - Western Region Climate Center