2009 NOAA Hurricane Conference

National Hurricane Center
Miami, Florida
December 1-4, 2009

Opening/2009 Season in Review

Review of the 2009 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season

Robbie Berg, NHC

Review of the 2009 Eastern North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season

Mike Brennan, NHC
2009 Preliminary NHC Forecast Verification James Franklin, NHC

Dvorak Classification Verification

Hugh Cobb, TAFB

Summary and Preliminary Verification of the 2009 Central Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season

Richard Knabb, WFO Honolulu/Central Pacific Hurricane Center

NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) 2009 Seasonal Summary and Plans for 2010

Jim McFadden, Jack Parrish, Paul Flaherty, AOC

Ocean Predication Center (OPC) Review of the 2009 Hurricane Season

Scott Prosise, OPC

Satellite Analysis Branch (SAB) Review of the 2009 Hurricane Season

Mike Turk, Tony Salemi, NESDIS/SAB

The Road Ahead for NHC    

Bill Read, NHC  
Science Presentations

The NOAA Storm Surge Team

Jesse Feyen, NOS Coast Survey Development Laboratory (CSDL) and NOAA Storm Surge Portfolio Manager

Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP) Overview

Ed Rappaport, NHC and Fred Toepfer, OST

2009 Hurricane Field Program (IFEX09)

Eric Uhlhorn, HRD

Recent Developments in Hurricane Structure and Intensity Forecasting Research at OAR

Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan, Frank Marks, HRD
Airborne Doppler Analysis, Quality Control and Transmission in 2009 and Plans for 2010 John Gamache, HRD
Update from the JHT Shirley Murillo, Chris Landsea, Jiann-Gwo Jiing, NHC
Operational SFMR Issues
Paul Chang, NESDIS; Jim Carswell, Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc.; Dan Robinson
Real-time Radar Data Dissemination from the NOAA P-3:  An Update Paul Chang, Jim Carswell, Zorana Jelenak, Dan Robinson, Michelle Mainelli

Coastal-Inland Flood Observation Warning (CI-Flow) Project

Suzanne Van Cooten, NOAA/OAR National Severe Storms Laboratory
Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probabilities:  Recent Developments and Future Plans Dan Brown and Mike Brennan, NHC, and Richard Knabb, CPHC
Action Items

Item 8-06:

Modification of the Name of the Inland Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch/Warning

Item 2-08:

VTEC and the HLS: Team Update and Recommendation from Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Process Group

Item 46-08:  

Enhancement of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS)

Item 47-08:

Hurricane Wind Scale (Saffir Scale):
Team Update
and Recommendation from Saffir Simpson Team Realistic expectations for the development and implementation of new software at WFOs

Item 2-09:

Tropical Operations Training Course Update for the 2010 Tropical Season

Item 4-09:

Dual Frequency Scatterometer (DFS) Partnership with JAXA

Item 7-09:

HLS Formatter Team Presentation and Action Item:
Team Update: Lessons Learned and Proposed Future Enhancements

Item 8-09:

HLS and Extratropical, Post-Tropical Storms

Item 15-09:

NHC Visiting Scientist Program

Item 19A-09: 

Team Update: Presentation and Recommendations from NWS Storm Surge Warning Team

Item 23-09:    

Team Update:  Expressions of Uncertainty Project Presentation and Recommendations on Use of Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probabilities in Public and Marine Forecasts