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Lightning Safety Program
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When Thunder Roars Go Indoors
 Lightning Safety Awareness Media Message

Please join your colleagues and members of the National Weather Service, leaders in the field of weather science, as (county name) County, (state name), launches a campaign to stop the loss of life and eliminate injuries due to lightning.

Lightning kills an average of 58 Americans every year and severely injuries hundreds more, but this does not have to happen.  If people would seek safe shelter at the first sound of thunder, lightning’s early warning system, lives would be saved.  Many people who are killed or hurt by lightning were seeking shelter, but they just waited to long.  We need our residents to act when they hear thunder. To make this happen, (county name) is promoting and enforcing the National Weather Service’s simple rule:  When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

We will announce this new public safety campaign on (date) at (location) and we would like for you to join us.  We invite you to participate in the news conference launching the campaign and to consider the information in your weathercasts that day or night and for the rest of the summer. 

(county name) will instruct our recreation leaders, school officers, and parents to follow this simple rule: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.  That means to stop the game, get out of the pool, get off the golf course, and go indoors!  We need your help. 

Please join us in educating the pubic to the dangers of lightning and the safety measures to take.  Please help us save lives.  Be a part of a brave effort to lead (state name) out of danger!

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