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Public Information Statement, Comment Request

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

312 PM EST Mon Aug 29 2011


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From:     Reggina Cabrera

          Chief, Hydrologic Services Div., Eastern Region HQ

          Ben Weiger

          Chief, Hydrologic Services Br., Southern Region HQ


Subject:  Soliciting comments between September 15, 2012 and

          September 15, 2012 on the experimental NWS Hydrologic

          Short-term Meteorological Model-based Ensemble

          Forecasting System


From September 15, 2011, to September 15, 2012, NWS is seeking comments on the second version of the experimental NWS hydrologic short-term (0-7 days) meteorological model-based ensemble forecasting system(MMEFS). During this experimental period, MMEFS information will be generated by the following River Forecast Centers (RFC):


Northeast RFC

Middle Atlantic RFC

Ohio RFC

Southeast RFC.


The MMEFS uses the temperature and precipitation output from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Global Ensemble Forecast System, Short Range Ensemble Forecasts, and the North American Ensemble Forecast System. These ensemble member outputs and the current hydrologic model are run through the RFC Ensemble Streamflow Prediction System to generate a number of possible river forecast outcomes. These outcomes are turned into short-term probabilistic forecasts and graphics are generated using the "R" graphics software.


A new Google-based overview map displays the entire East Coast

of the United States and also provides improved location selection capabilities.  MMEFS supplements the operational river forecasts available online at:


The MMEFS web pages are available online at:


You may obtain more information on this product on Page 2 of the

experimental products listing:


For questions concerning this product, please contact:


     Laurie Hogan   

     National Weather Service, Hydrologic Services Division

     630 Johnson Ave, Suite 202

     Bohemia, NY  11716



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