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Public Information Statement, Comment Request

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1123 AM EDT Wed May 23 2012


TO:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners, Users, And Employees


FROM:    Iftikhar Jamil, NWS Chief Information Officer

         David B. Caldwell, Director, NWS Office of Climate,

          Water, and Weather Services


SUBJECT: Soliciting Public Comments Through December 31, 2012

         On Experimental Twitter Feeds


The NWS is currently seeking comments on provision of

environmental information via experimental Twitter feeds.  NWS is

exploring use of Twitter to provide microblogging services. 

Twitter is a commonly used social networking service that allows

participants to share information with other users. 

Microblogging services like Twitter serve as an important source

of real-time news updates.  The short nature of updates allows

users to post news items quickly, reaching their audience in

seconds. Because microblogging services are two-way, readers of

posts can reply to posts with various responses, such as a

weather report with location, time and images/videos.  For the

NWS, aggregate analysis of this data provides information on

storm evolution, and partner/public perceptions and response. 

Use of Twitter will provide a complementary means to disseminate

important information about hazardous weather conditions.  The

posts will also be used for public outreach and education and to

direct users to official NWS Web sites.


Experimental Twitter accounts are available at this time for the

following NWS offices:


NWS Norman OK - @NWSNorman

NWS LMRFC (Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center)- @NWS_LMRFC

NWS Pleasant Hill MO - @NWSKansasCity

NWS Salt Lake City UT - @NWSSaltLakeCity

NWS Charleston SC - @NWSCharlestonSC

NWS Western Region - @NWS_Western_US

NWS Honolulu HI - @NWSHonolulu

NHC Atlantic / NHC Pacific - The National Hurricane Center will

run 2 accounts, basin specific - @NHC_Atlantic, @NHC_Pacific


It is NWS’s intent to implement Twitter accounts for all NWS

offices. New accounts will be added gradually throughout the

comment/review period.  A current listing of accounts may be

found at .


Experimental Twitter posts will serve as a supplemental channel

to disseminate environmental information. Availability of this

service is subject to constraints of Twitter service availability

and to availability of users’ internet service.  Users should not

rely on this service as the primary means of receiving

alerts/warnings of hazardous weather. NWS alerts/warnings are

available on NOAA Weather Radio and on our official

website:  Responses to users’ posts are

made on a time-available basis and may be limited, especially

during periods of severe weather.


Additional information on the experimental use of Twitter may be

found at:


Users must have valid Twitter accounts to view or post Twitter

content.  Information on Twitter can be found at:


Comments on this experimental service may be provided through

December 31, 2012 at:



Disclaimers regarding NWS use of social media services can be

found at:



If you have comments or questions regarding this Public

Information Statement, please contact:


  Ronald Jones

  National Weather Service

  Silver Spring Maryland 20910

  301-713-1381 x 130


National Public Information Statements are online at: