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National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

710 AM EDT Thu Aug 22 2013


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FROM:††† Kevin McCarthy

†††††††† Acting Director, Weather Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Soliciting Comments until September 23, 2013 on a

†††††††† Proposed Increase in Horizontal Resolution of WPC Day

†††††††† 4-7 Gridded Guidance (CONUS only)


The NWS National Centers for Environmental Predictionís (NCEP)

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is accepting comments until

September 23, 2013, on a proposed resolution increase from 5 km

to 2.5 km in the Day 4-7 gridded sensible weather guidance

products for the continental United States. This change applies

to the following elements:


-maximum temperature

-minimum temperature

-dew point

-wind speed

-wind direction

-probability of precipitation

-sky cover

-weather type


The 2.5 km products will be issued under the same World

Meteorological Organization (WMO) headers as the current 5 km

products. The 5 km products will no longer be available. Partners

and users will see an increase in file size from ~200K to ~800K

for each element at each forecast hour.


Please send comments or requests for more information to:



††† 301-683-1484


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