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Public Information Notice, Comment Request

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1105 AM EST Tue Jan 22 2013


To:       Subscribers:

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:     Brent Gordon

          Chief, Space Weather Services Branch


Subject:  Soliciting Comments through February 12, 2013, on Two

          Experimental Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)



The NWS is soliciting comments through February 12, 2013, on two

Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) experimental forecast

products entitled the 3-Day Forecast and the Forecast Discussion. 

These new products are available twice a day at 0030 and 1230

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The products provide space

weather information in two separate formats, abbreviated and

detailed, using NOAA space weather scale information


These new experimental products are online at:


concise, 1-page summary




in-depth space weather analysis for the technical user.


These two experimental products supplement the existing product

suite. No current products are being discontinued.


Please submit comments to the following links:


3-Day Forecast:


Forecast Discussion:


At the end of the comment period, these products will be

evaluated for implementation.


For more information, please contact:


David Marshall

SWPC, Boulder, CO


National Public Information Notices are online at: