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Public Information Statement

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

308 PM EDT Wed Mar 20 2013


TO:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners, Users, and Employees


FROM:    Edward R. Johnson

         Director NWS Strategic Planning and Policy Office


SUBJECT: Online Request Service for License to use NOAA Emblem or

         NWS Logo Effective March 20, 2013


The NOAA emblem and NWS logo are trademarked visual identifiers

of NOAA and NWS, respectively.  Authority for external parties to

use these visual identifiers is held by the Department of

Commerce (DOC) under Department Administrative Order (DAO) 201-1. 


Recently, DOC and NOAA have delegated authority to NWS to grant

permissions to use the NOAA emblem and NWS logo for the following

limited purposes:


1. Identify use of unaltered NWS-produced data/products or NWS

   general outreach information

2. Identify an online link to a NOAA or NWS webpage.


Clear identification of NOAA/NWS’s ownership of information will

directly benefit both NOAA and the Nation’s environmental

information enterprise.  Private sector environmental information

service providers will be able to more effectively serve

customers who are seeking an authoritative source of

environmental information.  NWS believes this service will help

foster effective partnerships within the weather enterprise as a



The online request service for licenses to use the NOAA emblem or

NWS logo for the purposes listed above is now available at:


For permission to use these visual identifiers for any other

purpose, please refer to DAO 201-1 at:


If you have comments or questions regarding this Public

Information Statement, please contact:


  Wendy Levine

  National Weather Service

  Silver Spring Maryland 20910

  301-713-3380 x 133


National Public Information Statements are online at: