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Public Information Statement

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

318 PM EDT Wed May 8 2013


To:      Subscribers:

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         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

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         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Bob Detrick

         Acting NOAA Chief Scientist

         Chair, NOAA Research Council


Subject: Comment Sought on draft NOAA Five Year Research and

         Development (R&D) Plan from May 3-June 3 2013


NWS is seeking comments on its draft NOAA Five Year Research and

Development (R&D) Plan from May 3-June 3, 2013. R&D at NOAA

increases our understanding of the world and produce

applications that improve how the agency fulfills its mission of

science, service, and stewardship. NOAA seeks an understanding

of the global ocean-atmosphere system and the ecosystems it

supports to inform decision-making aimed at building a more

sustainable society. Such a broad portfolio creates many

challenges but also opportunities for R&D at NOAA.  For a

mission-based agency, strategic, directed, and use-inspired

research is key to meeting NOAA's mission to serve society. 


The draft NOAA Five Year R&D Plan is the third Research Plan

produced by NOAA and the first to explicitly include development

as part of the research enterprise.  It also includes ways to

define success, evaluate progress, and transition research

outcomes to applications.  In addition to publicly documenting

the course of NOAA's R&D, the plan will:


-Guide the internal management of R&D projects by providing a

basis for planning, tracking, and evaluating results

-Promote collaboration with partners in and outside the federal

government to further serve society through NOAA's R&D



Led by the NOAA Research Council, the draft NOAA Five Year R&D

Plan has been developed across the agency as a whole and with

input from stakeholders. Your comments are sought on how best



- Emphasize areas where collaboration with non-NOAA scientists

would be particularly valuable

- Enhance integration of R&D across goals and disciplines

towards a more holistic understanding of the Earth System

- Highlight connections and interdependencies among R&D goals

and objectives

- Further focus our five-year targets to achieve clear results

The plan will be revised based on comments received during this

public comment period. To provide comments, please follow the

instructions at:


This is your opportunity to provide input into NOAA's R&D

portfolio prior to the release of the final version this summer.

Thank you for your valuable support and engagement.


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