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Public Information Statement

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

345 PM EDT Tue Aug 25 2015


To: Subscribers:

-Family of Services

-NOAA Weather Wire Service

-Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


Other NWS partners, users and employees


From: Cameron Shelton

Chief, Shared Infrastructure Services Branch

SUBJECT: Proposed Termination of Comments due

by October 9, 2015


NWS is seeking public comment, through October 9, 2015, on the

proposed termination of the use of the URL


If approved, the URL would be decommissioned on November 2, 2015.

This URL hosts a legacy application designed for use prior to

2004 and is no longer maintainable. This site usage has

significantly decreased in the last several years as well. The

URL's main use was to provide weather data to low bandwidth users

on older technology cell phones. This service has been replaced

with the adaptive display at


Additionally, low bandwidth data display is available at


Other equivalent data sets for observational data can be found at


For example, observation data for Kansas City International

Airport is currently at


and the equivalent page is at


All observational data can be selected at


Comments and questions may be directed to:


Kolly Mars

NWS Internet Dissemination System

(816) 584-7296


National Public Information Notices are online at: