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Public Information Statement 16-22 Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington, DC

805 AM EDT Mon Aug 1 2016


To:       Subscribers:

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:     Luis Cano

          Director, NWS Office of Dissemination


Subject:  Corrected: Soliciting Comments until July 30, 2016,

          on Security Updates for the NWS Email Data Input

          System (EDIS)


Correction:  Changed URL for Registration Page


Registration Page:


NWS is accepting comments until July 30, 2016, on the planned

Security Upgrades for its Email Data Input System (EDIS)

program. This PNS is being issued to advise NWS partners of the

updates being planned to enhance security for the EDIS program

and to seek any feedback on implementation of these planned



The NWS EDIS Program is a legacy service providing our partners

with a simplified process for delivering weather products

(SYNOP, METAR, etc.,) and data via email to NWS for further

dissemination. In support of the new Integrated Dissemination

Program (IDP) NWS Telecommunications Gateway (NWSTG)

Re-Architecture project, the NWS is upgrading its EDIS program

and expects the system to be ready for testing by July 15, 2016.

This system will be more robust and secure than the current

legacy system. The NWS will be seeking assistance from our

partners with testing the new system and the planned changes

once it is placed into service.


There are two planned changes that will affect our partners when

the new EDIS system is ready. The first change planned for EDIS

will institute a new access policy; the second change will

require our partners to implement a message format change to the

"Subject Line" of each email containing data that is sent to the

NWS for dissemination.


Our new access policy will require all partners to register with

the NWS again for an EDIS account. We request our partners

register as soon as possible as the proposed schedule has NWS

shutting down the legacy EDIS service by September 15, 2016.

The NWS has activated the following web page for our partners to

register for an account on the new EDIS system.


Registration Page:


Once the user's registration process has been completed and

approved, the NWS will provide each partner with two PIN numbers

for use with each account. The NWS plans to use PIN numbers to

support its security program for the new EDIS system. The first

PIN number will be for the current quarterly operations cycle.

The second PIN number will be for the upcoming quarterly

operations cycle.


Each partner's assigned PIN numbers will need to be included

within the Subject Line of each email as a User Certification

check. The NWS plans to update PIN numbers quarterly. Partners

will need to develop a plan of how to manage and maintain their

access to the new EDIS system. The dates on which the NWS will

change the PIN numbers are shown below. The NWS will allow each

assigned PIN to be used up to 5 days beyond the end of the


scheduled change date to provide time for partners to make a

successful transition to their new PIN. During this overlap

period, both the new and old PIN numbers will be accepted.


-- December (1st day of the month)

-- March (1st day of the month)

-- June (1st day of the month)

-- September (1st day of the month)


PIN Usage Support Services

Note 1 - a 5 day grace period will be provided for each

         transition period

Note 2 - separate PIN numbers will be provided for each EDIS

         account (user)

Note 3 - PIN numbers will be provided via email to each partner

         / user

Note 4 - PIN numbers will be sent to customers / partners via

         email 2 weeks (14 days) ahead of the next scheduled


Note 5 - Backup email addresses will be requested of each user

          / partner for account management


The second update being implemented by the NWS requires partners

to change the formatting of their email messages sent to the NWS

to include their assigned PIN number within the Subject Line. 


Examples follow below


1. Current Subject Line Requirement

   -- Subject Line must contain 'EDIS Message Input'


2. New Subject Line Requirement

   -- Subject Line must contain 'EDIS Message Input NPNxxxxxx'

      (where xxxxxx is the partners PIN number)

   -- Example:  EDIS Message Input NPN032840


The NWS will continue to provide support for its partners during

this transition to our new EDIS system. The current planned

implementation date for these changes is August 30, 2016. NWS

will evaluate all comments provided by July 30, 2016, to

determine whether or not to proceed with this change. If

approved, NWS will send a Service Change Notice giving 30 day

notice prior to the full of the implementation of the new

changes; the legacy EDIS will remain in operation until this



Send comments on this proposal to:


Kevin Conaty


Silver Spring, MD 20910



National Public Information Notices are online at: