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Public Information Statement PNS17-37

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring MD

402 PM EST Tue Dec 12 2017


To:       Subscribers:

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS partners and NWS employees


From:     Allison Allen

          Chief, Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch


Subject:  NWS Hazard Simplification (Haz Simp) Project:

          Soliciting Public Comments through January 11, 2018,

          on Proposed Consolidation and Reformatting of NWS

          Marine Hazard Messaging Products


NWS will be collecting comments through January 11, 2018, on a

proposed consolidation (i.e., reduction in the number of) and

reformatting of marine Watches, Warnings, Advisories (WWA), and



This comment collection effort is a follow-up from an initial

consolidation and reformatting proposal. The original Public

Information Statement can be reviewed here:


The initial survey proposed consolidation of all offshore marine

wave/wind products into a single "Marine Watch," "Marine

Warning," and "Marine Advisory." Based on feedback from the

initial comment period, only small craft advisories are being

proposed for consolidation at this time. No changes have been

made to the proposal for coastal product consolidation except

the name of the consolidated products from "Beach" to "Surf

Zone," based on feedback from the initial survey. The overall

changes proposed by the Haz Simp team are based on feedback from

the results of social science research. Analyses from these

efforts indicate that users are sometimes confused by the large

number of hazard messages or "products" NWS currently issues.

Feedback has also indicated NWS should apply a consistent

product formatting approach to communicate expected hazards and

associated impacts.


The survey for the proposed marine product changes is available

at the following link and will remain open through January 11,



Based on feedback received, NWS may implement some or all of the

proposals. A Service Change Notice with minimum 75-day lead time

would be issued in advance of any operational changes.


Additional information regarding the proposed product

consolidation and reformatting may be found in the Product

Description Document (PDD) at the link below:


Haz Simp Website:


For more information, please email:


National Public Information Statements are online at: