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Service Change Notice 11-01 Corrected
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
127 PM EDT Wed Apr 21 2011
To:       Subscribers:
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         -NOAA Weather Wire Service
         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
         Other NWS partners and NWS employees
From:    Therese Z. Pierce
         Chief, Marine and Coastal Services Branch
Subject: Corrected: Changes to Tropical Cyclone Text Products
         Issued by National Centers and Weather Forecast Office
         Guam: Effective May 15, 2011
Corrected to clarify format of Tropical Cyclone Discussion in Section 2 below. The examples remain unchanged.
Effective May 15, 2011, the following changes to tropical cyclone text products will occur.  While there are no changes to the product issuance criteria, AWIPS IDs, or WMO headings, users who parse portions of these products may need to make changes in their software applications.
1. Mass News Disseminator(MND)header block changes:
   a) Blank line will be added between the MND header block and
      the AWIPS header information for text products issued for
      the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. This format is
      already used by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center and
      the Weather Forecast Office Guam. An example and a 
      complete list of affected products with WMO headers and
      AWIPS IDs can be found at:

   b) Standardization of PRODUCT TYPE LINE by the National

      Hurricane Center (NHC), Central Pacific Hurricane Center

      (CPHC), Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC), and

      the Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Guam.


      Tropical Cyclone Public Advisory (TCP) products issued by

      HPC will adopt the format of the Product Type Line already

      used by NHC, CPHC and WFO Guam.


      The standardized format for the Product Type Line is:



      In addition, the TROPICAL CYCLONE TYPE in the products

      issued by NHC, CPHC, and WFO Guam, and in the TCP

      products issued by HPC, will account for a broader range

      of tropical cyclone types.


      The complete list of (TROPICAL CYCLONE TYPE) which may be

      used effective May 15, 2011 is:











      An example and a complete list of affected products with
      WMO headers and AWIPS IDs can be found at:


2. In the Tropical Cyclone Discussion (TCD) issued by NHC and

   CPHC a new column with intensity in miles per hour (mph) will

   be added.  In addition, the following changes will occur:


a. column spacing in the TCD is adjusted

b. the valid forecast time will now be followed by H instead

   of HR

c. the initials VT will no longer appear next to the valid

   forecast time


   An example can be found online at:     


   WMO headers and AWIPS IDs of affected products are:


Product Name                          WMO Header        AWIPS ID
Tropical Cyclone Discussion           WTNT41-45 KNHC    TCDAT1-5
Tropical Cyclone Discussion           WTPZ41-45 KNHC    TCDEP1-5
Tropical Cyclone Discussion           WTPA41-45 PHFO    TCDCP1-5
3. The abbreviation for kilometers per hour will change to KM/H.
    In the TCP, Tropical Cyclone Update (TCU), when the summary
   section is included, and in the Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind
   Speed Probabilities (TCSWSP) products issued by NHC and CPHC,
   the abbreviation of kilometers per hour will change from
   KM/HR to KM/H.  This change also affects the TCP issued by
   WFO Guam.
   Also in the TCSWSP, the abbreviation of kilometers per hour
   LOCATIONS, will change from KPH to KM/H. 
   Examples and a complete list of affected products with
   WMO headers and AWIPS IDs can be found at:
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   John Kuhn
   National Weather Service
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