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Service Change Notice 11-31

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

245 PM EDT Fri Aug 26 2011


To:         Subscribers:

            -Family of Services

            -NOAA Weather Wire Service

            -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


            Other NWS partners and employees


From:       La Tanya Burton 

            NWS EMWIN Program Manager


Subject:    Hurricane Irene Emergency Outage for to EMWIN

            and LRIT users Effective 13:00 EST, Saturday,
            August 27, 2011

Effective 1550Z on Saturday through 2145Z on Sunday (approximately noon EDT Saturday through 6 pm EDT Sunday) there will be no Low-Rate Information Transmission (LRIT) data available from GOES West satellite (GOES 11). Due to the hurricane threatening Wallops, VA, and antenna issues, control of GOES-11 will be passed to the Fairbanks, AK, Command and Data Acquisition facility which does not have the capability to transmit LRIT data.

For users of GOES Data Collection System (DCS) there may also be issues with GOES DCS data from GOES West going into LRIT as well, although DCS data should be available through DOMSAT, through the NWS Telecommunications Gateway and GTS, and from the Emergency Data Distribution Network in South Dakota.


There also will not be any Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) data on GOES-West. EMWIN users pointed at GOES–West should switch to the EMWIN byteblaster network to receive EMWIN data during this time.  GOES-East will remain broadcasting; however, should that broadcast go down due to the hurricane, please switch to the byteblaster network.


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Santos Rodriguez



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