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Service Change Notice 11-39

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

237 PM EST Fri Dec 2 2011


TO:       Subscribers

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS partners and employees


FROM:     Thomas Graziano

          Chief, Hydrologic Services Division


SUBJECT:  Transfer of Hydrologic Services for the Green River at

          Green River Forecast Location in Utah Effective                                                                                                                                                 

          February 28, 2012


Effective Tuesday February 28, 2012, at 8:00 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST), 1500 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), hydrologic service responsibility for the river forecast location at Green River, UT, along the Green River (location identifier: GRVU1) in Emery County in Utah will be transferred to the Weather Forecast Office in Salt Lake City (WFO SLC) from the WFO in Grand Junction, CO (WFO GJT).


Because of this transfer, customers must take appropriate action to receive the products listed in Table 1 for the Green River at Green River forecast point in Emery County, Utah, using the SLC identifier.


Table 1. Products affected by this change for the Green River at Green River forecast location (GRVU1) in Utah.


PRODUCT               WMO HEADING           AWIPS ID


Flood Statement      /NEW/ WGUS85 KSLC        /NEW/ FLSSLC

                   * /OLD/ WGUS85 KGJT *   /OLD/ FLSGJT


Flood Warning        /NEW/ WGUS45 KSLC     /NEW/ FLWSLC

                   * /OLD/ WGUS45 KGJT *   /OLD/ FLWGJT


Flood Watch          /NEW/ WGUS65 KSLC     /NEW/ FFASLC

                   * /OLD/ WGUS65 KGJT *   /OLD/ FFAGJT


Hydrologic           /NEW/ FGUS75 KSLC     /NEW/ ESFSLC

Outlook            * /OLD/ FGUS75 KGJT *   /OLD/ ESFGJT


Hydrologic           /NEW/ SRUS45 KSLC     /NEW/ RVASLC

Summary            * /OLD/ SRUS45 KGJT *   /OLD/ RVAGJT


Daily River and      /NEW/ FGUS55 KSLC     /NEW/ RVDSLC

Lake Summary       * /OLD/ FGUS55 KGJT *   /OLD/ RVDGJT


River Statement      /NEW/ FGUS85 KSLC     /NEW/ RVSSLC

                   * /OLD/ FGUS85 KGJT *   /OLD/ RVSGJT


* These old products will continue to exist, but will cover locations and areas outside of Emery County, UT.


If you have any questions, you may contact:


     Larry Dunn

     Meteorologist in Charge

     National Weather Service

     WFO Salt Lake City

     2242 West North Temple

     Salt Lake City UT   84116



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