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Service Change Notice, Corrected
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
145 PM EST Wed Dec 21 20       

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From:      Eli Jacks

           Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch 


Subject:   Corrected:  Replacing or Augmenting Wind Chill

           Products with Experimental Extreme Cold Warnings

           at 8 NWS Weather Forecast Offices Effective

           January 18, 2012


Corrected subject to indicate change is to Wind Chill products.

Reference the following Public Information Statement (PNS) requesting comments:

Beginning Wednesday, January 18, 2012, and continuing through April 15, 2012, select NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) will issue a consolidated experimental Extreme Cold (EC) Warning product in lieu of all Wind Chill products.  In addition, the EC product will alert people to cold ambient temperatures with no wind. 

Partners and users who normally receive Wind Chill Watches, Warnings and Advisories via the Winter Storm Warning (WSW) product using NWS Valid-Time Event Codes (VTEC) of WC.A, WC.W and WC.Y, will need to use the appropriate Non-Precipitation Warning (NPW) products listed in Table 1 below, instead, and use the single VTEC EC.W to receive all cold-related products. 


WFO Little Rock, AR (LZK), will issue the experimental EC Warning under a NPW only for cold windless conditions, but will continue to issue WSW Wind Chill products for a combination of cold and windy conditions.



WFO                           WMO HEADING         AWIPS ID

Rapid City, SD                WWUS73 KUNR         NPWUNR
Aberdeen, SD                  WWUS73 KABR         NPWABR
Sioux Falls, SD               WWUS73 KFSD         NPWFSD
Bismarck, ND                  WWUS73 KBIS         NPWBIS
Eastern ND/Grand Forks, ND    WWUS73 KFGF         NPWFGF
Minneapolis, MN               WWUS73 KMPX         NPWMPX
Duluth, MN                    WWUS73 KDLH         NPWDLH
Little Rock, AR               WWUS73 KLZK         NPWLZK


A Product Description Document (PDD) including criteria for this experimental product is online at:


Comments on this product should be submitted at the following

Web address:

After the experimental period and the close of the PNS comment period, the NWS will evaluate all received comments to determine whether or not to proceed with national implementation of the EC Warning products.

For comments or questions regarding this PNS, please contact:

   Jim Keeney
   7220 NW 101St Terrace Building
   Routing Code: W/CR1
   Kansas City, MO 64153-2371
   Phone: 816-268-3141



   Paul Stokols
   National Weather Service
   Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services
   1325 East West Highway
   Silver Spring, MD 20910
   301-713-1867 x-139

All National Service Change Notices are online at: