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Service Change Notice 13-38

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1020 AM EDT Mon Jun 10 2013


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FROM:††† Kevin McCarthy

†††††††† Acting Director Weather Prediction Center


SUBJECT: Day 6-7 Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts to

†††††††† Transition from Experimental to Operational Status on

†††††††† July 9, 2013


Effective July 9, 2013, the National Centers for Environmental

Predictionís (NCEP) Weather Prediction Center (WPC) will

transition Day 6-7 Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPFs)

from an experimental to operational status. These forecasts

include six hour interval QPFs for days 6-7, an aggregated day 6-

7 total, as well as a complete 7-day total for the CONUS region.


The graphical products are available online at:


GRIB2 data will also available via AWIPS/NOAAPORT datastream

under the following WMO headers


MEMX98 KWNH [F126]

LEMP98 KWNH [F132]

MEMX98 KWNH [F138]

LEMP98 KWNH [F144]

MEMY98 KWNH [F150]

LEMQ98 KWNH [F156]

MEMY98 KWNH [F162]

LEMQ98 KWNH [F168]

LEMR98 KWNH [F120-168]

PEIS46 KWBC [F000-168]


Detailed information is online in the Product Description

Document (PDD) at:


For more information, please contact:



David Novak (W/NP3)

College Park, Maryland 20740



NWS Service Change Notice are online at: