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Service Change Notice 13-49

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

345 PM EDT Tue Aug 6 2013


To: Subscribers:

-Family of Services

-NOAA Weather Wire Service

-Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From: Eli Jacks

Chief, Fire and Public Weather Services Branch


Subject: Changes in Coastal Fire and Public Weather Forecast

Zones for NWS Weather Forecast Office Tampa Bay, FL,

Across Portions of West and Southwest Florida, Effective

December 3, 2013.


Effective Tuesday, December 3, 2013, at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard

Time (EST), 2000 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), most coastal

fire and public weather forecast zones for NWS Weather Forecast

Office (WFO) Tampa Bay (TBW), FL, will be split into two zones, a

coastal zone and an inland zone. The only coastal zone exception

is for Pinellas County (FZZ050), which is on a peninsula, has

minimal inland extent, and will remain unchanged.


These changes will provide increased flexibility and improved

accuracy of forecast and various watches, warnings and advisories

in the public and fire weather programs.


Table 1: Current WFO TBW coastal fire and public weather

forecast zones:


Current Fire/Public Current UGC (Z)

Zone Name

--------------- ---------------

Levy FLZ039

Citrus FLZ042

Hernando FLZ048

Pasco FLZ049

Hillsborough FLZ051

Manatee FLZ055

Sarasota FLZ060

Charlotte FLZ062

Lee FLZ065

Pinellas FLZ050


Table 2: New WFO TBW coastal and inland fire and public weather

forecast zones:


New Fire/Public New UGC (Z)

Zone Name

--------------- -----------

Inland Levy FLZ239

Coastal Levy FLZ139

Inland Citrus FLZ242

Coastal Citrus FLZ142

Inland Hernando FLZ248

Coastal Hernando FLZ148

Inland Pasco FLZ249

Coastal Pasco FLZ149

Inland Hillsborough FLZ251

Coastal Hillsborough FLZ151

Inland Manatee FLZ255

Coastal Manatee FLZ155

Inland Sarasota FLZ260

Coastal Sarasota FLZ160

Inland Charlotte FLZ262

Coastal Charlotte FLZ162

Inland Lee FLZ265

Coastal Lee FLZ165

Pinellas (unchanged) FLZ050 (UGC Unchanged)


Table 3: WFO Tampa Bay products affected by the changes in

coastal fire and public weather forecast zones:


Product Name WMO Heading AWIPS ID

------------ ----------- --------

Hazardous Weather Outlook FLUS42 KTBW HWOTBW

Hurricane Local Statement WTUS82 KTBW HLSTBW

Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning WTNT81 KNHC TCVAT1-5

Coastal Hazard Message WHUS42 KTBW CFWTBW

Surf Zone Forecast FZUS52 KTBW SRFTBW

Fire Weather Forecast FNUS52 KTBW FWFTBW

Fire Weather Message WWUS82 KTBW RFWTBW

Fire Danger Statement FNUS62 KTBW RFDTBW

Dispersion Forecast Update FNUS72 KTBW SMFTBW

Zone Forecast FPUS52 KTBW ZFPTBW

Short Term Forecast FPUS72 KTBW NOWTBW

Point Forecast Matrices FOUS52 KTBW PFMTBW

Tabular State Forecast FPUS62 KTBW SFTTBW

Tsunami Message WEXX20 PAAQ TSUAT1

Public Information Statement NOUS42 KTBW PNSTBW

Non-Precipitation Warnings WWUS72 KTBW NPWTBW


Special Weather Statement WWUS82 KTBW SPSTBW

Winter Weather Message WWUS42 KTBW WSWTBW

Area Forecast Discussion FXUS62 KTBW AFDTBW

Hydrologic Outlook FGUS72 KTBW ESFTBW


Please take the appropriate action to ensure systems recognize

the new fire and public weather forecast names, numbers (UGC Z)

and geographic extents. These changes do not affect products

using county (C) UGC.


Updated fire and public zone map shapefiles are online at:


A graphical depiction of WFO TBWs new fire and public Weather

forecast zones is online:


For more information, please contact:


Brian LaMarre Melinda Bailey

Meteorologist-In-Charge Public/Marine Meteorologist

National Weather Service NWS Southern Region Headquarters

Ruskin, FL 33570 Ft. Worth, TX 76102

813-645-4111 x222 817-978-1109 x107


National Service Change Notices are online at: