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Service Change Notice 14-15

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

950 AM EST Tue Mar 4 2014


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FROM:††††††† Mark Tew

†††††††††††† Chief, Marine and Coastal Services Branch

SUBJECT:†††† Changes to Remarks Section of the Vortex Data

†††††††††††† Message for Tropical Cyclones Effective

†††††††††††† May 15, 2014


Effective May 15, 2014, the following format changes will take

place with the Vortex Data Message (VDM) reported from Department

of Defense (DOD) and NOAA aircraft conducting reconnaissance

missions for tropical cyclones:


1. The overall MAX WIND at flight level, and the MAX outbound

†† wind in the Remarks Section of the VDM will include a space

†† on either side of the "/", and to include "NM" after the

†† distance value.


The change in format will be consistent to the current Format for

the MAX flight level temperature if itís not within 5 nm of the

flight level center in the Remarks Section.†


†††††† Old Format

†††††† MAX FL WIND 73 KT 081/25 23:30:30Z

†††††† MAX OUTBOUND FL WIND 55 KT 083/14 01:36:00Z


†††††† New Format:

†††††† MAX FL WIND 73 KT 081 / 25 NM 23:30:30Z

†††††† MAX OUTBOUND FL WIND 55 KT 083 / 14 NM 01:36:00Z


2. A new remark for wind direction and speed at the surface will

†† be added to the Remarks Section.††


†††† Example:


There are no changes to WMO Headers or AWIPS IDs for the VDM.


VDM formats are provided in the National Hurricane Operations

Plan (NHOP), Chapter 5. The 2013 NHOP, along with the 2013 VDM

Message Format, is currently provided online at:




The 2014 NHOP will be posted online by June 1, 2014, along with

the new VDM message format in Table 5-2.† A new example VDM will

be provided in Figure 5-4.†


If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact:


†††† John F. Kuhn

†††† National Weather Service

†††† Marine and Coastal Services Branch

†††† Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

†††† Telephone:† 301-713-1677 x121

†††† email:†


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