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Service Change Notice 14-16

National Ocean Service Headquarters Washington DC

728 AM EST Fri Mar 7 2014

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From:†††† Peter Stone

††††††††† Chief, National Ocean Service (NOS) Center for

††††††††† Operational Oceanographic Products and Services

††††††††† (CO-OPS) Oceanographic Division


Subject:NOS/CO-OPS Released the NOAA Current Predictions

††††††††† Web Application February 26, 2014


NOS/CO-OPS released the NOAA Current Predictions web

application on the CO-OPS website as a new beta product on

February 26, 2014. The application provides expanded and

more accurate tidal current predictions for stations in

NOAA's published Tidal Current tables.Customized

predictions are calculated on-the-fly and are available in

graphical and text format. Users can generate 6-minute, 30-

minute and 60-minute tidal current predictions for all

stations with harmonic constituents. The product also offers

predicted time and speed of maximum flood/ebb current and

timing of slack water (no current) for all stations

available in the published current tables. Daily, weekly or

yearly predictions can be downloaded in text, CSV, XML and

PDF formats.


Users also can highlight currents above or below a given

speed threshold to provide approximate time periods of

maximum or slack current, useful for boaters and divers.

This product will be maintained operationally with quarterly

updates, providing the most up-to-date current predictions

when new data are collected and analyzed by CO-OPS. The

application can be accessed using the below link:


At this time, NOAA Current Predictions will run concurrently

with the existing Tidal Current Prediction product on CO-

OPSí website, which is located at


After the NOAA Current Predictions product is declared fully

operational, NOS will remove the existing prediction

product. It is expected that this removal will not occur

earlier than December 31, 2015. A separate Service Change

Notice will be sent to announce the removal.


Information about NOS/CO-OPS Products and Services can be

found at:


For questions concerning these changes, please contact:

Paul Fanelli


Silver Spring, MD


For general questions on CO-OPS products and services,

please contact:

Todd Ehret

NOS/CO-OPS/User Services Team

Silver Spring, MD



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