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Service Change Notice 14-23

National Ocean Service Headquarters Washington DC

250 PM EDT Fri Apr 11 2014

Relayed by the National Weather Service


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From:     Peter Stone

          Chief, National Ocean Service (NOS)

          Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and

          Services (CO-OPS) Oceanographic Division


Subject:  NOS/CO-OPS to Enhance Storm QuickLook Product

          Effective May 15, 2014


Effective May 15, 2014, NOS/CO-OPS will implement several

enhancements to the Storm QuickLook product. The most

significant change is that water level observations and

tidal predictions will now be referenced to Mean Higher High

Water (MHHW) by default. Previously water level data were

referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) by default.

Displaying data referenced to MHHW provides a better

indication of when flooding inundation may occur at coastal

locations. Users will still have the option of adjusting the

reference datum.


In addition, new clickable water level and meteorological

plots will provide easier access to additional data for a

given station on


These data will be displayed on the same datum, time zone

and units as set by the user on the QuickLook product. The

time and height of the next high tide, which is now

displayed below the water level plot, will update

automatically based on user-selected options. This

information was previously provided only on local time and

referenced to MLLW. 


NOS has added an automatic-refresh option to the product,

which will update the page every 6 minutes, ensuring the

latest data is displayed without manually refreshing the



Finally a table has been added to the end of the product,

summarizing the latest observed water level, predicted tide

and water level residual as well as the maximum storm tide

observed over the previous 24 hours. 


Information about the Storm QuickLook product can be

accessed using the below link:


For questions concerning these changes, please contact:

Paul Fanelli


Silver Spring, MD



For general questions on CO-OPS products and services,

please contact:

Todd Ehret

NOS/CO-OPS/User Services Team

Silver Spring, MD



National Service Change Notices are online at: