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Service Change Notice 16-38

National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington, DC

850 AM EDT Thu Sep 8 2016


To:        Subscribers:

           - NOAA Weather Wire Service

           - Emergency Managers Weather Information Network

           - NOAAPORT

           Other NWS partners and NWS employee


From:      Luis Cano

           Director, NWS Office of Dissemination


Subject:   EDIS Email Service Upgrade/Transition to start

           September 7, 2016 with completion by October 6, 2016


This notice is being issued to advise all NWS partners of a

change to the Email address used by NWS partners for delivering

weather products (SYNOP, METAR, etc.,) and data via email to NWS

for further dissemination effective October 6. 2016. The NWS

Email Data Input System (EDIS) is a procedure that allows

designated meteorological data partners the capability to input

weather bulletins to the NWS network for further dissemination

in accordance with WMO guidelines.  The submitting National

Meteorological Centre (NMC) or organization is responsible for

the content of the bulletin(s). Further information for

the Email service can be obtained from the following web site:


In an effort to improve service and efficiency, the NWS is

completing a system upgrade of the EDIS system.  The upgrade

includes new requirements for all partners using the service:


- All partners must register once more with the NWS

- All  partners must include their designated PIN number within

the subject line of each Email delivered to the NWS. Additional

information on these changes can be obtained from the following

web site:


As part of the upgrade, the email address used by our partners

to deliver weather product(s) will also be changed. The

following email address will be operational beginning Wednesday,

September 7, 2016.


New EDIS Email Address:


The old email address, is planned

for decommissioning on Thursday October 6, 2016.  NWS recommends

users begin transitioning to the new email address on September

7, 2016 to ensure successful delivery of all products sent via



Any problems experienced when using the new Email address

should be reported to:


Kevin Conaty


Silver Spring, MD 20910



National Public Information Notices are online at: