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Service Change Notice 17-135

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

700 AM EST Thu Dec 21 2017


To:      Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Joseph Pica

         Director, NWS Office of Observations


Subject: Add Geostationary Operational Environmental

         Satellite–16 (GOES-16) Level 2 Derived Products

         to the Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN or

         NOAAPort), effective January 17, 2018


Effective on or after 15 UTC Wednesday, January 17, 2018,

additional GOES-16 Level 2 Derived Products will be added to the

SBN (also known as NOAAPort). These products are based on data

from the GOES-16 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI).


On December 18, 2017, NOAA officially designated GOES-16, now

stationed at 75.2 degrees West longitude, as GOES East; 

however, certain GOES-16 products, including the three products

described here, will remain under validation and testing through

early 2018. Users receiving these data through any dissemination

means assume all risk related to their use of GOES-16 data and

NOAA disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or

implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties

of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. These

products are being added to enable the testing of networks and

systems with actual GOES-16 data, and so that users will be able

to evaluate the products during this validation/test period.


It is not recommended that these preliminary products be used in

operational forecast processes during this product

validation/test period. Any downstream postings of these data

should clearly convey their preliminary, non-operational and in-

testing nature. Furthermore, this data stream may be subject to

temporary unannounced data outages and modifications during this

validation and testing period. One or more follow-on notices

will provide information on the progress and conclusion of the

validation period.


The derived products described below join other GOES-16 derived

products already on the SBN, such as those described in Service

Change Notice 17-73:


The new GOES-16 level 2 derived products and the first 

11 characters of their WMO headers are as follows:


 GOES-16 Product                 WMO Header

 ------------------------        ----------

 Sea Surface Temperature         IXTM99 KNES

 Volcanic Ash                    IXTC99 KNES

 Rain Rate / QPE*                IXTF99 KNES


*QPE: Quantitative Precipitation Estimate


The geographical coverage for these products corresponds

approximately to the ABI Full Disk domain. The horizontal

resolution of these products is approximately 2km.


In the WMO header, KNES signifies that NOAA/NESDIS originates

the products. 


Approximate hourly product counts and hourly volumes for the

three new product additions are as follows:


 GOES-16 Product            Hourly Count    Hourly Volume

 ---------------            -------------   -------------

 Sea Surface Temperature    1/hour          32 Mbytes/hour

 Volcanic Ash               4/hour          139 Mbytes/hour

 Rain Rate / QPE            4/hour          8 Mbytes/hour


Product counts and volumes could vary due to ABI mode changes,

diurnal variations, file-compression variability, and other



For the foreseeable future, the SBN's Experimental channel 

(PID 106) will be used to disseminate these GOES-16 Level 2

derived products; however, NWS anticipates the SBN suite of

GOES-16 products described here will evolve. SBN dissemination

of some GOES-16 Level 2 derived products is likely to be

discontinued after an evaluation period. Other GOES-16 derived

products eventually will be moved to other SBN channels and

possibly modified. GOES-S (later, GOES-17) products are also

planned for addition to this channel during 2018. Future Service

Change Notices will describe these changes in advance.


The file format for these products is netCDF4.


Additional information about the flow of GOES-16 products on the

SBN will be posted at the following web site:


Critical weather or other factors could delay the activation of

these products on the SBN. 


For questions pertaining to this change or upcoming plans for

the addition of GOES-16 products onto NOAAPORT, please contact:


     Brian Gockel

     NOAA/NWS Office of Observations

     Silver Spring, MD 20910



     AWIPS Network Control Facility (NCF) Help Desk

     NOAA/NWS Office of Central Processing

     Silver Spring, MD 20910




For questions regarding the scientific or technical content of

the NOAAPort-disseminated GOES-16 products please contact:


     Environmental Satellite Processing Center (ESPC) Help Desk

     Suitland, Maryland 20746

     Phone: 301-817-3880



National Service Change Notices are online at: