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Service Change Notice 18-24

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring MD

325 PM EST Thu Mar 8 2018

TO: Subscribers:

-NOAA Weather Wire Service

-Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


Other NWS Partners and Employees

FROM: Mark B. Miller

Director, Surface and Upper Air Division

Office of Observations

SUBJECT: Transition of Manual Radiosonde Observations to

Automated Radiosonde Observations at Fairbanks,

Alaska, WMO# 70261

Effective on or about April 1, 2018, radiosonde observations

(RAOB) from Fairbanks, Alaska WMO# 70261, Station ID PAFG, will

be transitioned from the manually launched Lockheed Martin 1680

MHz LMS6 radiosonde to the Vaisala 403 MHz RS41-SGPA radiosonde

using the Vaisala Autosonde as the launch vehicle.


During the transition period of up to 30 days, dual radiosonde

flights may be performed until the Vaisala Autosonde System is

declared operational for the regularly scheduled observations of

00Z and 12Z.


For additional information on the message requirements, see WMO

306 Manual on Codes (International Codes):


-Volume I.1 Part A - Alphanumeric Codes

-Volume I.2 Part B Binary Codes

-Volume II Regional Codes and National Coding Practices(WMO

Region IV)

If you have questions or feedback, please contact:

Hiram Escabi, Jr., NCE, CET

Upper Air Program Manager

National Weather Service, Program Management Branch W/OBS31

Silver Spring, Maryland



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