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Service Change Notice 18-26

National Weather Service Headquarters Silver Spring, MD

1110 AM EST Fri Mar 9 2018


To:          Subscribers:

             -NOAA Weather Wire Service

             -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


             Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:        Allison Allen

             Chief, Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch


Subject:     Four NWS WFOs will begin issuing tropical cyclone

             forecast products effective on or about

             June 1, 2018


The following NWS Eastern Region offices will begin issuing

Weather Forecast Office (WFO) tropical cyclone (TC) products

effective on or about June 1, 2018:


WFO Columbia, SC (CAE)

WFO Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP)

WFO Raleigh-Durham, NC (RAH)

WFO Blacksburg, VA (RNK) 


The WFO TC product suite includes TC Local Watch/Warning

Products (TCV), Hurricane Local Statements (HLS), Extreme Wind

Warnings (EWW), and Post TC Reports (PSH).


A listing of the tropical products these offices will be capable

of issuing in the 2018 hurricane season and their AWIPS Product

Identifiers (PIL) and World Meteorological Office (WMO) Code can

be found below:


PRODUCT                              AWIPS PIL     WMO CODE

-------                              --------    ------------

Hurricane Local Watch/Warning         TCVCAE      WTUS82 KCAE       

Hurricane Local Watch/Warning         TCVGSP      WTUS82 KGSP

Hurricane Local Watch/Warning         TCVRAH      WTUS82 KRAH

Hurricane Local Watch/Warning         TCVRNK      WTUS81 KRNK


Hurricane Local Statement             HLSCAE      WTUS82 KCAE

Hurricane Local Statement             HLSGSP      WTUS82 KGSP

Hurricane Local Statement             HLSRAH      WTUS82 KRAH

Hurricane Local Statement             HLSRNK      WTUS81 KRNK


Extreme Wind Warning                  EWWCAE      WFUS52 KCAE

Extreme Wind Warning                  EWWGSP      WFUS52 KGSP

Extreme Wind Warning                  EWWRAH      WFUS52 KRAH

Extreme Wind Warning                  EWWRNK      WFUS51 KRNK


Post Tropical Cyclone Report          PSHCAE      ACUS72 KCAE

Post Tropical Cyclone Report          PSHGSP      ACUS72 KGSP

Post Tropical Cyclone Report          PSHRAH      ACUS72 KRAH

Post Tropical Cyclone Report          PSHRNK      ACUS71 KRNK


NWS will issue TC products at these offices based on tropical

cyclone climatological return periods. This change will help

maintain consistency of service with neighboring coastal WFOs

during high impact tropical events.


Updated information on NWS TC products will be online before

June 1, 2018, in NWS Instruction (NWSI) NWSI 10-601 at:


For questions regarding this notice, please contact:


Jessica Schauer

NWS Tropical Service Program Lead

NWS Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch

National Hurricane Center

Miami, FL



Wayne Presnell

NWS Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch

Silver Spring, MD



National Service Change Notices are online at: