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Technical Implementation Notice 11-18 AAB

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

821 AM EDT Mon Aug 15 2011


To:      Subscribers:

         - Family of Services

         - NOAA Weather Wire Service

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From:    Tim McClung

         Science Plans Branch Chief

         Office of Science and Technology


Subject: Amended: Change to Experimental Gridded Localized

         Aviation Model Output Statistics Program (LAMP)

         Products: Effective August 23, 2011


Amended to announce the implementation date for changing the experimental Gridded LAMP (GLMP) products for CONUS.


Effective on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, beginning with the 1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, NWS will change the experimental GLMP products for CONUS. The following changes to the experimental data will occur:


1. Products will include WMO headers in anticipation of the

   transition to operations

2. Products will be encoded with binary scaling to produce

   smaller files

3. Special value to designate "unlimited ceiling height or

   ceiling height" > 12,000 feet will change from the current

   value of -1 to the new value of -100


Effective Tuesday, September 27, 2011, beginning with the

1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, NWS will transition the experimental GLMP products to operational status, at which time the products will be disseminated on the Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN), NOAAPORT, and will be available in the operational National Digital Guidance Database (NDGD).


The Gridded LAMP products contain guidance on a 2.5 km Lambert Conformal grid covering the same expanse as the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) CONUS grid. Grids are generated hourly consisting of gridded forecasts for projections of 1 to 25 hours in advance as well as gridded observations for the initial time of the Gridded LAMP cycle. Grids will be available for the following elements with others to be added later:


  2-meter temperature observations and the associated error


  2-meter dewpoint temperature observations and the associated

     error estimations

  Ceiling height observations

  Visibility observations

  2-meter temperature forecast guidance

  2-meter dewpoint temperature forecast guidance

  Ceiling height forecast guidance

  Visibility forecast guidance


The products are available in GRIB2 format and are currently available in the experimental NDGD. They are available on the NWS server at:



Beginning September 27, 2011, the products will be available in GRIB2 format in the operational NDGD, and will no longer be available in the experimental NDGD. They will be available on the NWS server at:



A web page outlining the Gridded LAMP products and the NWS server directory and file structure can be found online at:


The new communication identifiers for the GRIB2 products are shown below in Tables 1 and 2.  A complete list of GLMP WMO headings is available at


Table 1:  Communication identifiers for the GLMP gridded observation products in GRIB2 format.  Listed below are representations of the WMO headings. xxrepresents the valid UTC hour (00-23).



-----------     -------

LAUAxx KMDL     2-meter gridded temperature observations

LAUBxx KMDL     2-meter gridded temperature observation

                error estimations

LBUAxx KMDL     2-meter gridded dewpoint temperature


LBUBxx KMDL     2-meter gridded dewpoint temperature

                observation error estimations

LCUAxx KMDL     Gridded ceiling height observations

LDUAxx KMDL     Gridded visibility gridded observations


Table 2:  Communication identifiers for the GLMP gridded forecast products in GRIB2 format. Listed below are representations of the WMO headings. xx represents the forecast projection (01-25).



-----------     -------


LKUAxx KMDL     Gridded 2-meter temperature forecasts

LLUAxx KMDL     Gridded 2-meter dewpoint temperature forecasts

LMUAxx KMDL     Gridded ceiling height forecasts

LNUAxx KMDL     Gridded visibility forecasts


If you have technical comments or questions, please contact:


Judy Ghirardelli

National Weather Service

Meteorological Development Laboratory

301-713-0056 x194


Links to the LAMP products and descriptions can found at:


National Public Information Statements are online at: