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Technical Implementation Notice 12-58

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

938 AM EST Wed Nov 21 2012


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From:†††† James Hoke

††††††††† Director Hydrometeorological Prediction Center


Subject:Upgrade of gridded QPF data from GRIB1 to GRIB2 from

††††††††† HPC Webpage Effective February 19, 2013


Effective February 19, 2013, the National Centers for

Environmental Predictionís (NCEP) Hydrometeorological Prediction

Center (HPC) will upgrade the format of gridded QPF data from

GRIB 1 to GRIB 2. HPC currently has links to GRIB 1 data at the

bottom of the QPF webpage:

Both GRIB 1 and GRIB 2 data will be available before February 19,

2013. Effective February 19, 2013, only the new GRIB 2 data will

be available from the Webpage. This only affects the HPC webpage.

No changes will be made to NOAAport at this time.

If you have questions about this upgrade, please contact:

David Novak

NWS/NCEP Hydrometeorological Prediction Center

College Park, MD


NWS Public Information Statements are online at: