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Technical Implementation Notice 13-08

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington, DC

940 AM EDT Fri Mar 15 2013


To:       Subscribers:

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:     John Derber, Acting Chief

          Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch

          NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center


Subject:  Termination of Select Global Forecast

          System (GFS) Low-Resolution Products:

          Effective April 16, 2013


Effective Tuesday, April 16, 2013, with the 1200 Universal

Coordinated Time (UTC) cycle, the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will stop producing some legacy

low-resolution gridded products from the Global Forecast System

(GFS), and stop disseminating them via NOAAPORT and the NWS ftp



A Public Information Statement was issued on January 22, 2013,

requesting comments on the proposed termination of multiple

legacy GFS low-resolution products.


Based on responses received, NWS will terminate some of the

products proposed for removal. Listed below are the gridded

products available on NOAAPORT and the NWS FTP server that will

be removed on April 16, 2013. 


Grid   Resolution   Area            Map Projection         


Family of Service (FOS) grids

 #21    5x2.5       0-180E, 0-90N    latitude/longitude   

 #22    5x2.5       180W-0, 0-90N    latitude/longitude   

 #23    5x2.5       0-180E, 90S-0    latitude/longitude   

 #24    5x2.5       180W-0, 90S-0    latitude/longitude   

 #25    5x5         0-355E, 0-90N    latitude/longitude   

 #26    5x5         0-355E, 90S-0    latitude/longitude 

Products available at 0000 and 1200 cycles for forecast hours 00

to 72, and for 0000 cycle out to 240.  Products disseminated via

NWS FTP server only -- not on NOAAPORT. 


WAFS grids

 #37    1.25x1.25    0-90N, 330-60E    latitude/longitude

 #39    1.25x1.25    0-90N, 150-240E   latitude/longitude

 #40    1.25x1.25    0-90N, 240-330E   latitude/longitude

Products available for 00Z cycle only, forecast hours 96,

120, 144 and 168. 



AWIPS grids

 #202   190.5 km     CONUS           Polar Stereographic

 #203   190.5 km     Alaska          Polar Stereographic

Products available 0000, 0600, 1200, 1800 cycles for 

forecast hours 00 to 120, every 6 hours, for 0000 cycle 

out to 240 hours. 


 #204   160 km       Hawaii          Mercator

 #205   190.5 km     Puerto Rico     Polar Stereographic

 Products available 0000 cycle for forecast hours 00 to



 #201   381 km       N. Hemisphere   Polar Stereographic

All GRIB1 AWIPS grid #201 products will be removed.  This

includes the dataset known as "gfsLR" in AWIPS. 


Note: The GRIB2 AWIPS grid #201 dataset will not be removed. 

This is the dataset known as "gfs360" in AWIPS.


More information about the grids listed above is available at


The WMO headers for products to be removed are listed at:



A catalog of GFS output products and their availability on

multiple ftp servers can be found at


If you have questions about this termination, please contact:


   John Derber

   NWS/NCEP Environmental Modeling Center

   College Park, MD


   Rebecca Cosgrove

   NWS/NCEP Central Operations

   College Park, MD


National Public Information Statements are online at: