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Technical Information Notice 13-15, Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington, DC

705 AM EDT Fri Jul 19 2013


To:        Subscribers:

           -Family of Services

           -NOAA Weather Wire Service

           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:      Rebecca Cosgrove

           Acting Chief, Production Management Branch

           NCEP Central Operations


Subject:   Amended NCEP Production Suite Operational on WCOSS

           Effective July 30, 2013


Amended to reschedule the effective date to July 30, 2013. The

controller issues NCEP was experiencing have been resolved by

IBM. NCEP will run in parallel for the next week to ensure the

fixes have had no negative impact to the NCEP production suite,

and the go live operationally on the Weather and Climate

Operational Supercomputing System (WCOSS) systems on July 30,



Users are encouraged to review the website given below which

documents all known changes to the Production Suite, including

any changes in delivery time of products due to the change in



Effective on or about Tuesday, July 30, 2013, with the 1200

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) cycle, the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will transition the NCEP

Production Suite to the new Weather and Climate Operational

Supercomputing System (WCOSS).  All models and applications in

the NCEP Production Suite will be run on the WCOSS and

disseminated from those systems. 


Users should take note of the following:

  - The model solutions on the WCOSS differ from those on the

current operational supercomputing system due to significant

machine differences and small differences in data timing.

  - There are some modifications to output products and product

content.  Those differences are outlined below.

  - NCEP will conduct two live tests of the WCOSS system on

Tuesday June 25th, and Tuesday, July 2nd, during the 1200 UTC

model cycle.  The test will start with the 06 UTC GDAS system and

run through the 15 UTC SREF run.  During this live test, data

will be disseminated operationally from only the WCOSS system via

NOAAPORT and the NWS/NCEP ftp servers, and users will need to be

prepared for the product changes described below.

  - The transition to WCOSS will not affect how data

is disseminated to users -- data will continue to be available on

NOAAPORT and the NWS and NCEP ftp servers where it is currently


  - The July 30 implementation date may need to be postponed or

moved up in the event that a Critical Weather Day (CWD) is



As mentioned above, there are some differences in the output

format and content of the NCEP Production Suite.  The highlights

are as follows:


- Major upgrades to the HWRF and HYSPLIT models with smaller

enhancements/bug fixes to the SREF and NAM models.  The Global

RTOFS system will be expanded to produce output for 8 days, up

from the current 6 days.

- Some filename and compression changes for the Wave models,

NGOFS model, NAM, and NCEP FNMOC combined ensemble

- Some larger-sized files from the hurricane wave model will now

be compressed, while files from the NGOFS will be broken up by

forecast hour.

- Some changes to the order of fields in files, and changes to

precision of some fields in the CFS.

- Some CDAS ocean files will no longer contain FORTRAN blocking.

- The CDC products on the NCEP ftp server will be discontinued,

along with a few output files from the NWW3 wave model that have

alternate wave model output to replace them.

- The delivery times of some products may change, mostly in the

direction of products coming out earlier.  This is still being

refined as we do final tuning and will be posted at the webpage



All of the known changes are outlined at:


As part of this transition NCEP has made output from the WCOSS

runs of the NCEP Production Suite available to the public for

evaluation.  We will continue to do this until WCOSS goes



The GRIB, BUFR and text output is available for download at:


Imagery of the model output from a MAG-like website is online at:


If you have technical questions or comments, please contact:


  Rebecca Cosgrove

  NWS/NCEP Central Operations

  College Park, MD


National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: