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Technical Implementation Notice 13-35 Corrected

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

715 AM EST Mon Nov 4 2013


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From:†††† Tim McClung

††††††††† Chief, Science Plans Branch

††††††††† Office of Science and Technology


Subject:Corrected: Additions and Changes to the NAM and RAP

††††††††† BUFR Soundings: Effective December 17, 2013


Station 726710, KBPI, is Big Piney, WY not CA, as listed

previously.Station 000351, JHN is Johnsondale, CA,

not Johsonville, as listed previously.


Effective on or about Tuesday, December 17, 2013, beginning with

the 1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) model distribution, the

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will modify

the list of stations for which BUFR data are generated for both

the North American Mesoscale (NAM) and Rapid Refresh (RAP)

models. The changes will also modify the lists of stations in the

North American Mesoscale (NAM) model BUFR sounding collectives

disseminated on NOAAPORT.


The new stations are listed in Table 1, and the stations being

changed are listed in Table 2.No stations are being removed.

This set of changes to the NAM and RAP will correspond with the

implementation of version 2 of the RAP, currently scheduled for

December 17.

The high-resolution NAM nests use the same station list as the

parent 12 km NAM, so any changes to the list involving locations

within a particular nest impact that nestís BUFR output as well.

In this implementation, all of the modified sites are in the

CONUS nest output. All of the new stations are in the CONUS nest

output, except for station 000367 which will appear in the Puerto

Rico nest output.


The changes to the BUFR station lists will result in no changes

to the WMO headers of the NOAAPORT NAM soundings collectives. The

headers listed in Table 3, below are used today, and these

headers will continue to be used. There will also be no change to

the BUFR format of the products except that new stations will be

included in the collectives.The new stations appear in Table 4.


The Short-Range Ensemble Forecast system (SREF) station list will

be updated in early 2014. The changes to that list will be

discussed in the upcoming SREF TIN.


Table 1.†† New stations in the NAM and RAP BUFR lists.The

numerical and character identifications are provided:


000345KPNA††† Pinedale WY

000346WLM†††† William CA

000347BNY†††† Burney CA

000348SON†††† Sonora CA

000349YSV†††† Yosemite Valley CA

000350LSY†††† Lindsay CA

000351JHN†††† Johnsondale CA

000352FZP†††† Frazier Park CA

000353COA†††† Coalinga CA

000354TBM†††† Table Mountain CA

000355KPSF††† Pittsfield MA

000356KUNI††† Athens/Albany OH

000357K36U††† Heber Valley Municipal Apt UT

000358 B40†††† YumaAZ

000359B41†††† Ft HuachucaAZ

000360B42†††† Deming†† NM

000361B43†††† MarfaTX

000362B44†††† Eagle PassTX

000363B45†††† Rio Grande CityTX

000364B46†††† Matagorda†† TX

000365B47†††† Morgan CityLA

000366B48†† ††Cudjoe KeyFL

000367B49†††† LajasPR

723066KGSB††† Seymour-Johnson AFB NC

724397KBMI††† Bloomington/Normal IL

725490KFOD††† Fort Dodge IA

725635KAIA††† Alliance NE

726710KBPI††† Big Piney WY


Table 2.Changes to existing sites being made to the NAM and RAP

BUFR lists. The numerical and character identifications are



-Station 000037 (near Carroll, IA) is moved from 42.00 N, 95.00 W

to 42.04 N, 94.79 W and will now be known as Carroll, IA.This

puts the BUFR point at the local airport instead of the current

rural location.


-Station 000050 (near Albia, IA) is moved from 40.90 N, 92.8 W to

42.11 N, 92.92 W and will now be known as Marshalltown, IA. The

character identifier is changed from AIA to MAR.


-Station 000080 (Redding, IA) is moved from 40.69 N, 94.47 W to

41.02 N, 94.36 W and will now be known as Creston, IA. The

character identifier is changed from RDD to CSQ.


- Station 724754 (Saint George AWOS, UT) is moved from 37.08 N,

113.6 W to 37.04N, 113.5W to match the new location of the



Table 3.WMO communication identifiers for the NAM BUFR













Table 4.Additions to NAM BUFR sounding collectives:


Collective 1 (JUSA41):



NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

000366†††††††† B48††††† Cudjoe Key FL

000367†††††††† B49††††† LajasPR

723066†††††††† KGSB†††† Seymour-Johnson AFB NC


Collective 2 (JUSA42):


NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

000355†††††††† KPSF†††† Pittsfield MA

000356†††††††† KUNI†††† Athens/Albany OH

724397†††††††† KBMI†††† Bloomington/Normal IL



Collective 3 (JUSB43):


NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

000360†††††††† B42††††† Deming NM

000361†††††††† B43††††† Marfa TX

000363†††††††† B45††††† Rio Grande City TX

000364†††††††† B46††††† Matagorda TX

000365†††††††† B47††††† Morgan City LA



Collective 4 (JUSB44):


NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

725490†††††††† KFOD†††† Fort Dodge IA

725635†††††††† KAIA†††† Alliance NE



Collective 5 (JUSB45):




NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

000346†††††††† WLM††††† William CA

000347†††††††† BNY††††† Burney CA

000348†††††††† SON††††† Sonora CA

000349†††††††† YSV††††† Yosemite Valley CA

000350†††††††† LSY††††† Lindsay CA

000351†††††††† JHN††††† Johnsondale CA

000352†††††††† FZP††††† Frazier Park CA

000353†††††††† COA††††† Coalinga CA

000354†††††††† TBM††††† Table Mountain CA

000357†††††††† K36U†††† Heber Valley Municipal Apt UT

000358†††††††† B40††††† Yuma AZ

000359†††††††† B41††††† Ft Huachuca AZ

000362†††††††† B44††††† Eagle Pass TX



Collective 6 (JUSB46):


NUMBER†††††† ID†††††††† NAME

000345†††††††† KPNA†††† Pinedale WY

726710†††††††† KBPI†††† Big Piney WY


There are no changes to collectives 7 or 9, and 8 does not exist.


If you have any questions concerning these changes, please



††† Geoff Manikin

††† NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

††† College Park, Maryland20746

††† 301-683-3695



If you have questions about the NOAAPORT activation of these

products, please contact:


†† Brian Gockel

†† NWS/Office of Science and Technology

†† Silver Spring, Maryland20910

†† 301-713-0304 X 158



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