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Technical Implementation Notice 13-43, Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

Relayed for the National Ocean Service

955 AM EST Thu Dec 12 2013


To:      Subscribers:

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         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Frank Aikman

         Chief, Marine Modeling and Analysis Programs

         NOS Office of Coast Survey


Subject: Amended: Change to the delivery time of Extratropical

         Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System for the

         Atlantic and Gulf coasts (ESTOFS Atlantic) effective

         December 12, 2013. ESTOFS Atlantic will be provided

         over SBN and NOAAPORT effective February 18, 2014


This notice was amended to move the date of change up to

December 12, 2013, to avoid operational failures.

Effective December 12, 2014, beginning with the 1200 Coordinated

Universal Time (UTC) model cycle, the Extratropical Surge and

Tide Operational Forecast System for the Atlantic and Gulf

coasts (ESTOFS Atlantic) model output will be delivered 20

minutes earlier than the current delivery time. This change in

delivery time is a result of optimization of the model code. 


Effective February 18, 2014, beginning with the 1200 Coordinated

Universal Time (UTC) cycle, ESTOFS Atlantic will be added to the

Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN)and NOAAPORT. These grids will

be disseminated in GRIB2 format.


For technical details about ESTOFS please see: Technical

Information Notice (TIN) 12-43:


ESTOFS output will be reprojected from the ADvanced CIRCulation

(ADCIRC) native finite element grid to the 2.5 km National

Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Continental United States grid

and the 1.25 km NDFD Puerto Rico grid. 


GRIB2 files will be created for each hourly prediction

(astronomical tides), and sub-tidal water levels (the isolated

surge). GRIB2 files will be available 6.5 hours after the

synoptic time (OO, 06, 12, 18 UTC.) The per cycle data volume

will be approximately 500 MB.


The WMO Headings for these products will be as follows: 


   T1:     Data Format of GRIB2 - E

   T2:     Parameter code - C, E, or H

   A1:     Grid code - P for Puerto Rico or I for CONUS 

   A2:     Forecast time interval- one of


   II:     Layer or level: 88

   CCCC:   KWBM   


For a complete listing of ESTOFS WMO Headings please refer to

the following web page:


The effective date of this change is sooner than specified by

NWS Policy (NWS Instruction 10-1805). The reduction of the

normal advance lead time was approved because this change will

restore stability to the ESTOFS modeling system. 

For questions concerning the technical details of ESTOFS



Dr. Jesse Feyen

Marine Modeling and Analysis Programs

Coast Survey Development Laboratory

NOAA/NOS/Office of Coast Survey

Silver Spring, MD


For questions regarding the dataflow aspect of ESTOFS contact:


Rebecca Cosgrove

NCEP/NCO Dataflow Team

College Park, MD


National TINs are online at: