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Technical Implementation Notice 14-31 Amended

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

903 AM EDT Fri Sep 12 2014


To:      Subscribers:

         -Family of Services

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


         Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees


From:    Tim McClung

         Science Plans Branch Chief

         Office of Science and Technology


Subject: Amended: Extra-Tropical Storm Surge (ETSS)

         Enhancements:  Effective October 14, 2014


Amended to reschedule the ETSS enhancements implementation

date to Tuesday, October 14, 2014


On Tuesday,October 14,2014,beginning with the 1200 Universal

Coordinated Time (UTC) cycle,the Extra-Tropical Storm Surge

(ETSS) model will use 0.5 degree instead of 1 degree gridded

wind input from the Global Forecast System model.Additionally,

ETSS will use a corrected mask for merging data over the 

Bering Sea.


Also on Tuesday,October 14,2014,ETSS will begin generating

2.5 km National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) CONUS GRIB2

files and 3 km NDFD Alaska GRIB2 files.


For the NWS FTP server the 2.5 km CONUS products will be

available in the National Digital Guidance Database (NDGD) here:


The 5 km CONUS products: grib2.mdlsurgegrid.00con,grib2

.mdlsurgegrid.06con,grib2.mdlsurgegrid.12con and grib2

.mdlsurgegrid.18con in that directory will be discontinued.


The 3 km Alaska products will be available here:


The 6 km Alaska products: grib2.mdlsurgegrid.00ala,grib2

.mdlsurgegrid.06ala,grib2.mdlsurgegrid.12ala and grib2

.mdlsurgegrid.18ala in that directory will be discontinued.


For the NCEP FTP server the new products will be available



where YYYY is the current year,MM is the current month,DD is

the current day,and HH is the current hour.  They will have

names of: grib2.mdlsurgegrid.2.5km.HHcon for CONUS and grib2

.mdlsurgegrid.3km.HHala for Alaska.


The new products are already available in parallel here:


The 5 km CONUS product (grib2.mdlsurgegrid.HHcon) and the 6 km

Alaska product (grib2.mdlsurgegrid.HHala) will be discontinued.


For the Satellite Broadcast Network and NOAAPORT both the

original and new products will be available.  The new products

will have WMO headers of:


     WMO Heading         Region


     MHU...KNHC         NDFD CONUS 2.5 km grid

     MHR...KNHC         NDFD Alaska 3 km grid


The "..." in the WMO heading will be replaced by DHH where

D is the day of the forecast. 

A=Day 0,B=Day 1,...,F

=Day 5 and HH is the hour of day when the forecast is valid. 

A full chart of the header combinations per forecast cycle is

available here:


Once AWIPS is ready,the old products with WMO heading of

"LHU...KNHC" and "LHR...KNHC" will be discontinued.


If you have any questions about these changes and additions

to the Extra-Tropical Storm Surge guidance,please contact:


     Arthur Taylor or Huiqing Liu

     Meteorological Development Laboratory

     Phone: 301-713-1613 X163,301-713-1613 X162

     E-Mail: or


NWS Technical Implementation Notices are online at: