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Technical Implementation Notice 14-34

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

153 PM EDT Fri Aug 1 2014


To:        Subscribers:

           Family of Services

           NOAA Weather Wire Service

           Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


           Other NWS partners and employees


From:     Cynthia Abelman Chief, Aviation Services Branch


SUBJECT:  Changes to Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast

          Icing Product (FIP) effective September 2, 2014


Note      The following changes have no impact on NOAA Weather

          Wire Service subscribers


Effective 1500 UTC September 2, 2014, The National Weather

Service (NWS) Aviation Weather Center (AWC) in Kansas City

Missouri will implement changes to the Current Icing Product

(CIP) and the Forecast Icing Product (FIP).  The CIP produces a

0-hour analysis and FIP produces a 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12-hour

forecast for icing severity, probability, and supercooled liquid

drops (SLD) every hour. These changes include:


1. Resolution of the grid spacing will increase from 20km to 13km

2. Forecast data files will now be produced in the GRIB2 format.

3. The CIP and FIP will be produced automatically from the 13 km

   Weather Research and Forecasting Rapid Refresh (RAP)

   model runs.


The WMO headings for the FIP are as follows:


     WMO                   FLIGHT

   HEADING                 LEVEL

  ---------                ------


Y[AW,AX,LX]*30 KKCI       FL300

Y[AW,AX,LX]*32 KKCI       FL290

Y[AW,AX,LX]*33 KKCI       FL280

Y[AW,AX,LX]*34 KKCI       FL270

Y[AW,AX,LX]*36 KKCI       FL260

Y[AW,AX,LX]*38 KKCI       FL250

Y[AW,AX,LX]*39 KKCI       FL240

Y[AW,AX,LX]*41 KKCI       FL230

Y[AW,AX,LX]*43 KKCI       FL220

Y[AW,AX,LX]*45 KKCI       FL210

Y[AW,AX,LX]*46 KKCI       FL200

Y[AW,AX,LX]*48 KKCI       FL190

Y[AW,AX,LX]*50 KKCI       FL180

Y[AW,AX,LX]*53 KKCI       FL170

Y[AW,AX,LX]*55 KKCI       FL160

Y[AW,AX,LX]*57 KKCI       FL150

Y[AW,AX,LX]*60 KKCI       FL140

Y[AW,AX,LX]*62 KKCI       FL130

Y[AW,AX,LX]*65 KKCI       FL120

Y[AW,AX,LX]*67 KKCI       FL110

Y[AW,AX,LX]*70 KKCI       FL100

Y[AW,AX,LX]*73 KKCI       FL090

Y[AW,AX,LX]*75 KKCI       FL080

Y[AW,AX,LX]*78 KKCI       FL070

Y[AW,AX,LX]*81 KKCI       FL060

Y[AW,AX,LX]*84 KKCI       FL050

Y[AW,AX,LX]*85 KKCI       FL040

Y[AW,AX,LX]*90 KKCI       FL030

Y[AW,AX,LX]*95 KKCI       FL020

Y[AW,AX,LX]*93 KKCI       FL010



      AX    = FIP SLD

      LX    = FIP Severity

      * = B = 01 HOUR FORECAST

      * = C = 02 HOUR FORECAST

      * = D = 03 HOUR FORECAST

      * = G = 06 HOUR FORECAST

      * = J = 09 HOUR FORECAST

      * = M = 12 HOUR FORECAST


THE WMO headings for the CIP are as follows:


  WMO                FLIGHT

HEADING              LEVEL

-----------------    -----

Y[I,J,L]XA30 KKCI    FL300

Y[I,J,L]XA32 KKCI    FL290

Y[I,J,L]XA33 KKCI    FL280

Y[I,J,L]XA34 KKCI    FL270

Y[I,J,L]XA36 KKCI    FL260

Y[I,J,L]XA38 KKCI    FL250

Y[I,J,L]XA39 KKCI    FL240

Y[I,J,L]XA41 KKCI    FL230

Y[I,J,L]XA43 KKCI    FL220

Y[I,J,L]XA45 KKCI    FL210

Y[I,J,L]XA46 KKCI    FL200

Y[I,J,L]XA48 KKCI    FL190

Y[I,J,L]XA50 KKCI    FL180

Y[I,J,L]XA53 KKCI    FL170

Y[I,J,L]XA55 KKCI    FL160

Y[I,J,L]XA57 KKCI    FL150

Y[I,J,L]XA60 KKCI    FL140

Y[I,J,L]XA62 KKCI    FL130

Y[I,J,L]XA65 KKCI    FL120

Y[I,J,L]XA67 KKCI    FL110

Y[I,J,L]XA70 KKCI    FL100

Y[I,J,L]XA73 KKCI    FL090

Y[I,J,L]XA75 KKCI    FL080

Y[I,J,L]XA78 KKCI    FL070

Y[I,J,L]XA81 KKCI    FL060

Y[I,J,L]XA84 KKCI    FL050

Y[I,J,L]XA85 KKCI    FL040

Y[I,J,L]XA90 KKCI    FL030

Y[I,J,L]XA95 KKCI    FL020

Y[I,J,L]XA93 KKCI    FL010



      J    = CIP SLD

      L    = CIP Severity



On September 01 2014, Forecast Icing Product output in Gridded

Binary (GRIB2) Format will be available through:


NWS FTP servers at


Family of Services high resolution data service and server access

service and Satellite Broadcast Network NOAAPORT Channel


Changes will also be applied to the Aviation Digital Data Service


If you have any questions regarding the new Current Icing Product

or Forecast Icing Product contact:


     Dr. Brian Pettegrew

     Research Meteorologist, Aviation Weather Center

     7220 NW 101st Terrace  

     Kansas City, MO 64153

     Phone 816-584-7256



     Mr. Pat Murphy

     Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Aviation Weather Center

     7220 NW 101st Terrace  

     Kansas City, MO 64153

     Phone: 816-584-7239



NWS Technical Implementation Notices are online at: