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Technical Implementation Notice 15-30

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

338 PM EDT Wed Jun 10 2015


To:       Subscribers:

          -Family of Services

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:     Tim McClung

          Chief Operating Officer

          NWS Office of Science and Technology Integration


Subject:  Additions and Changes to the BUFR station lists

          for the NAM, RAP, HRRR, SREF, and Hi-Res Windows 

          Effective July 21, 2015


Effective on or about Tuesday, July 21, 2015, beginning with the

1200 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) model distribution, the

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will modify

the list of stations for which BUFR data are generated for the

following models:


-North American Mesoscale (NAM)

-Rapid Refresh (RAP)

-High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR)

-Short-Range Ensemble Forecast System (SREF)

-High-Resolution ARW and NMMB Windows (HIRESW) 


The changes will also modify the lists of stations in NAM model

BUFR sounding collectives disseminated on NOAAPORT. 


Table 1, below, lists the new stations. Table 2, lists the

stations changing. No stations are being removed.  


The high-resolution NAM nests use the same station list as the

parent 12 km NAM, so any changes to the list involving locations

within a particular nest impact that nest's BUFR output as well.

In this implementation, all of the new and modified sites are in

either the CONUS nest output or the Alaska nest output.


The changes to the BUFR station lists will not result in changes

to the WMO headers of the NOAAPORT NAM soundings collectives. The

headers listed in Table 3, below, are used today, and will

continue to be used. There will also be no change to the BUFR

format of the products except including new stations in the

collectives.  The new stations appear in their assigned

collectives in Table 4.



Table 1.   New stations in the BUFR lists.  The numerical and

character identifications are provided:


000340 55.00N 170.00E BS1   BERING SEA                  

000341 55.00N 180.00E BS2   BERING SEA                

000342 60.00N 175.00E BS3   BERING SEA                  

000368 46.19N 121.70W MAW   MT ADAMS WEST           WA 

000369 46.28N 122.28W SHNW  MT ST HELENS NW         WA 

000370 45.35N 121.94W MHW   MT HOOD WEST            OR 

000371 44.17N 122.06W TSW   THREE SISTERS WEST      OR 

000372 45.03N  99.11W FLK   FAULKTON                SD  

000373 45.46N  91.74W PEV   PEEVER                  SD  

000374 38.28N  95.22W KK68  GARNETT AIRPORT         KS  

000375 39.86N  96.63W KMYZ  MARYSVILLE AIRPORT      KS

000376 44.38N 106.72W BYG   JOHNSON_CTY/BUFFALO     WY 

000377 44.52N 108.08W KGEY  GREYBULL_AIRPORT        WY 

000378 45.10N  90.30W KMDZ  MEDFORD                 WI  

000379 44.46N  92.29W 82MN  LAKE CITY               MN  

000380 37.29N 107.06W KPSO  PAGOSA SPRINGS          CO 

000381 38.23N 108.56W KAIB  NUCLA                   CO 

000382 40.05N 107.89W KEEO  MEEKER                  CO 

000383 41.64N  91.54W KIOW  IOWA CITY               IA  

000384 39.05N 105.51W K4MB  WILKERSON PASS          CO 

000385 40.05N 106.36W K20V  KREMMLING               CO 

000386 38.76N  87.61W KLWV  LAWRENCEVILLE/VINCEN    IL  

000387 39.07N  88.53W K1H2  EFFINGHAM CO MEM APT    IL  

000388 40.94N  90.43W KGBG  GALESBURG               IL  

000389 39.77N  90.24W KIJX  JACKSONVILLE            IL  

000390 39.48N  88.28W KMTO  COLES CO MEM APT        IL  

000391 43.39N  99.84W KICR  WINNER                  SD  

000392 43.02N 102.52W KIEN  PINE RIDGE              SD  

000393 43.89N 104.32W KECS  NEWCASTLE               WY 

000394 44.56N 102.66W UNIS  UNION CENTER            SD  

000395 43.74N 105.74W WGTW  WRIGHT                  WY 

000396 46.15N  98.21W KLNL  LAND O'LAKES            WI  

000397 46.54N  87.39W MQTM  MARQUETTE               MI  

000398 46.68N  85.97W GRMM  GRAND MARAIS            MI  

000399 46.61N  88.91W KTNM  KENTON                  MI  

000629 41.73N  98.01W KBVN  ALBION                  NE  

000630 41.58N  95.34W KHNR  HARLAN                  IA

000631 42.24N  96.98W KLCG  WAYNE                   NE  

000632 37.70N  98.75W PTT   PRATT                   KS

000633 48.75N  98.39W D55   LANGDON                 ND

000634 48.75N  96.94W KHCO  HALLOCK                 MN  

000635 44.46N  96.25W IVNH  IVANHOE                 MN  

000636 43.17N  95.21W KSPW  SPENCER                 IA  

000637 43.22N  99.40W K9D1  GREGORY                 SD  

000638 43.26N  98.76W RLAS  LAKE ANDES              SD

000639 40.90N  97.62W KJYR  YORK                    NE  

000640 40.79N  99.78W KLXN  LEXINGTON               NE  

000641 40.15N  97.58W KHJH  HEBRON                  NE  

000642 39.73N  99.32W KPHG  PHILLIPSBURG            KS  

000643 36.77N  90.32W KPOF  POPLAR BLUFF            MO

000644 37.36N  87.40W 2I0   MADISONVILLE            KY  

000645 39.05N  85.61W KOVO  NORTH VERNON            IN  

000646 37.75N  82.64W SJS   BIG SANDY REG APT       KY  

000647 36.61N  83.74W K1A6  MIDDLESBORO/BELL_CO_APT KY  

000648 36.86N  84.86W KEKQ  WAYNE_COUNTY_APT        KY  

000649 38.06N  83.98W KIOB  MT STERLING/MGY_CO_APT  KY  

000650 41.12N 101.77W KOGA  OGALLALA                NE  

000651 41.96N 100.57W KTIF  THEDFORD                NE  

000652 43.55N 109.69W KDUB  DUBOIS                  WY 

000653 42.71N 110.94W KAFO  AFTON                   WY 

000654 41.82N 110.56W KEMM  KEMMERER                WY 

000655 44.87N 108.79W KPOY  POWELL                  WY 

000656 44.91N 108.45W KU68  COWLEY                  WY

000657 43.71N 106.63W KYC   KAYCEE                  WY 

000658 43.52N  89.77W KDLL  BARABOO/WI DELLS        WI  

000659 43.77N  88.49W KFLD  FOND DU LAC             WI  

000660 42.89N  90.24W KMRJ  MINERAL POINT           WI  

000661 43.04N  88.24W KUES  WAUKESHA                WI  

000662 44.04N  89.31W KY50  WAUTOMA                 WI  

000663 41.35N  89.15W KVYS  PERU                    IL  

000664 41.70N  86.82W KMGC  MICHIGAN CITY           IN  

000665 41.07N  87.85W KIKK  KANKAKEE                IL  

000667 41.89N  89.08W KRPJ  ROCHELLE/KORITZ_FIELD   IL

000668 45.42N  91.77W KRPD  RICE LAKE               WI  

000669 45.10N  94.51W KLJF  LITCHFIELD              MN  

000670 44.73N  96.27W KCNB  CANBY                   MN  

000671 40.10N 102.24W K2V5  WRAY                    CO 

000672 38.76N 102.79W KC1   KIT CARSON              CO 

000673 45.29N  86.98W DDOR  DEATHS DOOR             WI  

000674 44.36N  89.84W KISW  WISCONSIN RAPIDS        WI  

000675 39.99N  74.17W TMSR  TOMS RIVER              NJ

000676 37.70N  85.87W ELZB  ELIZABETHTOWN           KY

000678 37.67N  98.12W K9K8  KINGMAN                 KS  

000679 37.28N  98.04W K8K2  HARPER                  KS  

000680 38.30N  95.72W KUKL  BURLINGTON              KS  

000681 37.85N  96.29W K13K  EUREKA                  KS  

000682 38.75N  98.23W K9K7  ELLSWORTH               KS  

000683 39.55N  73.90W ATL5  EAST OF LONG BEACH IS  ATL    

000684 39.70N  71.60W ATL6  SOUTH OF MONTAUK       ATL

000698 42.50N  78.68W  SVL  SPRINGVILLE             NY

000699 43.49N  76.22W  MTG  MONTAGUE                NY

000765 63.68N 170.50W PASA  SAVOONGA_AIRPORT        AK   

000766 68.13N 151.73W PAKP  ANAKTUVUK_PASS          AK          

000767 63.77N 171.73W PAGM  GAMBELL                 AK

000768 60.37N 166.27W PAMY  MEKORYUK                AK

000769 56.65N 161.37W SHIV  SHIVELUCH               AK

000770 54.05N 159.43W KYMY  KARYMSKY                AK

723480 36.88N  91.90W KUNO  WEST_PLAINS             MO

723565 36.76N  96.01W KBVO  BARTLESVILLE            OK

724096 40.02N  74.60W KWRI  MCGUIRE_AFB             NJ

724237 37.75N  87.16W KOWB  OWENSBORO               KY 

724240 37.91N  85.97W KFTK  FORT KNOX/GOODMAN FLD   KY 

724336 37.78N  89.25W KMDH  CARBONDALE              IL 


724516 37.04N 100.97W KLBL  LIBERAL                 KS

724517 38.34N  98.86W KGBD  GREAT BEND              KS

724520 37.27N  98.55W KP28  MEDICINE LODGE          KS 

724604 37.01N 101.88W KEHA  ELKHART                 KS

724627 37.95N 107.90W KTEX  TELLURIDE               CO

724655 39.38N  99.83W KHLC  HILL CITY               KS

724767 37.30N 108.67W KCEZ  CORTEZ                  CO

724768 40.43N 104.63W KGXY  GREELEY                 CO

724769 40.45N 105.01W KFNL  FORT COLLINS/LOVELAND   CO

724776 38.76N 109.75W KCNY  MOAB/CANYONLANDS        UT

724927 37.70N 121.82W KLVK  LIVERMORE_MUNICIPAL     CA 

725326 41.74N  89.68W KSQI  STERLING/ROCK FALLS     IL 

725467 40.75N  95.41W KSDA  SHENANDOAH              IA 

725476 43.28N  91.74W KDEH  DECORAH                 IA 

725515 40.30N  96.75W KBIE  BEATRICE                NE 

725526 40.73N  99.00W KEAR  KEARNEY                 NE 

725555 41.44N  99.64W KBBW  BROKEN BOW              NE 

725565 41.45N  97.34W KOLU  COLUMBUS                NE 

725566 42.47N  98.69W KONL  O'NEILL                 NE 

725626 40.51N 101.62W KIML  IMPERIAL                NE 

725628 40.45N  99.33W KHDE  HOLDREGE                NE 

725717 39.53N 107.73W KRIL  RIFLE                   CO

726415 42.62N  89.04W KJVL  JANESVILLE/DOOR_CO      WI

726416 43.21N  90.18W KLNR  LONE ROCK               WI 

726455 44.13N  87.68W KMTW  MANITOWOC_CO_APT        WI 

726515 44.31N  96.82W KBKX  BROOKINGS               SD 

726559 44.45N  95.82W KMML  MARSHALL                MN 

726567 44.32N  94.50W KULM  NEW ULM                 MN 

726578 45.95N  94.35W KLXL  LITTLE FALLS            MN 

726589 43.68N  93.37W KAEL  ALBERT LEA              MN 

726664 44.54N 110.42W KP60  LAKE YELLOWSTONE        WY

727457 46.83N  95.89W KDTL  DETROIT LAKES           MN 

727924 46.12N 122.94W KLS   KELSO-LONGVEIW_AWOS     WA

744655 41.77N  88.48W KARR  AURORA                  IL 



Table 2.  Changes to existing sites being made to the BUFR lists.

The numerical and character identifications are provided:


- Station 000691 (R07-ARM/CART, KS) is moved from 37.50N, 96.00W

to 37.09N, 95.57W and becomes KCFV (Coffeyville, KS).

- Station 000692 (R04-ARM/CART, KS) is moved from 38.00N, 98.40W

to 38.35N, 97.69W and becomes KMPH (McPherson, KS).

- Station 000753 (Pontiac, IL) is moved from 40.92N, 88.63W to

40.92N, 88.62W.   The character identifier is changed from PNT to


- The character identifier for station 000758 (Winthrop, WA) is

changed from WIN to WNTR.

- The character identifier for station 000763 (Covelo, CA) is

changed from C31 to COV.

- Station 000810 (VANCE AFB, OK) is moved from 36.74N, 98.13W to

36.34N, 97.92W.

- Station 000764 (Branson, MO) is moved from 36.53N, 93.20W to

36.54N, 93.20W, and the character identifier is changed from BNS

to KBBG.

- The numerical identifier for KEMP (Emporia, KS) is changed from

098009 to 724556.

- Station 723490 (Monett, MO) is moved from 36.88N, 93.90W to

36.91N, 94.02W, and the character identifier is changed from UMN

to KHFJ.

-The character identifier for station 724375 (Bloomington/Monroe,

IN) will changed from BNG to KBMG.

-The character identifier for station 724456 (Rolla/Vichy, MO) is

changed from VIH to KVIH.


Table 3.  WMO communication identifiers for the NAM BUFR collectives:











Table 4.  Additions to NAM BUFR sounding collectives:


Collective 1 (JUSA41):



NUMBER       ID         NAME

000647       K1A6       MIDDLESBORO/BELL_CO_APT  KY  

000648       KEKQ       WAYNE_COUNTY_APT         KY  


Collective 2 (JUSA42):


NUMBER       ID         NAME

000386       KLWV       LAWRENCEVILLE/VINCEN    IL  

000387       K1H2       EFFINGHAM CO MEM APT    IL  

000390       KMTO       COLES CO MEM APT        IL  

000397       MQTM       MARQUETTE               MI  

000398       GRMM       GRAND MARAIS            MI  

000399       KTNM       KENTON                  MI  

000644       2I0        MADISONVILLE            KY  

000645       KOVO       NORTH VERNON            IN  

000646       SJS        BIG SANDY REG APT       KY  

000649       KIOB       MT STERLING/MGY_CO_APT  KY  

000658       KDLL       BARABOO/WI DELLS        WI  

000659       KFLD       FOND DU LAC             WI  

000661       KUES       WAUKESHA                WI  

000662       KY50       WAUTOMA                 WI  

000663       KVYS       PERU                    IL  

000664       KMGC       MICHIGAN CITY           IN  

000665       KIKK       KANKAKEE                IL  

000667       KRPJ       ROCHELLE/KORITZ_FIELD   IL

000673       DDOR       DEATHS DOOR             WI  

000674       KISW       WISCONSIN RAPIDS        WI  

000675       TMSR       TOMS RIVER              NJ

000676       ELZB       ELIZABETHTOWN           KY

000683       ATL5       EAST OF LONG BEACH ISL ATL    

000684       ATL6       SOUTH OF MONTAUK       ATL

000698       SVL        SPRINGVILLE             NY

000699       MTG        MONTAGUE                NY

724096       KWRI       MCGUIRE_AFB             NJ

724237       KOWB       OWENSBORO               KY 

724240       KFTK       FORT KNOX/GOODMAN FLD   KY 

724336       KMDH       CARBONDALE              IL 


725326       KSQI       STERLING/ROCK FALLS     IL 

726415       KJVL       JANESVILLE/DOOR_CO      WI

726455       KMTW       MANITOWOC_CO_APT        WI

744655       KARR       AURORA                  IL 


Collective 3 (JUSB43):


NUMBER       ID         NAME

000643       KPOF       POPLAR BLUFF            MO

723480       KUNO       WEST_PLAINS             MO

723565       KBVO       BARTLESVILLE            OK


Collective 4 (JUSB44):


NUMBER       ID         NAME

000372       FLK        FAULKTON                SD  

000373       PEV        PEEVER                  SD  

000374       KK68       GARNETT AIRPORT         KS  

000375       KMYZ       MARYSVILLE AIRPORT      KS

000376       BYG        JOHNSON_CTY/BUFFALO     WY 

000377       KGEY       GREYBULL_AIRPORT        WY 

000378       KMDZ       MEDFORD                 WI  

000379       82MN       LAKE CITY               MN  

000380       KPSO       PAGOSA SPRINGS          CO 

000381       KAIB       NUCLA                   CO 

000382       KEEO       MEEKER                  CO 

000383       KIOW       IOWA CITY               IA  

000384       K4MB       WILKERSON PASS          CO 

000385       K20V       KREMMLING               CO  

000388       KGBG       GALESBURG               IL  

000389       KIJX       JACKSONVILLE            IL  

000391       KICR       WINNER                  SD  

000392       KIEN       PINE RIDGE              SD  

000393       KECS       NEWCASTLE               WY 

000394       UNIS       UNION CENTER            SD  

000395       WGTW       WRIGHT                  WY 

000396       KLNL       LAND O'LAKES            WI

000629       KBVN       ALBION                  NE   

000630       KHNR       HARLAN                  IA

000631       KLCG       WAYNE                   NE  

000632       PTT        PRATT                   KS

000633       D55        LANGDON                 ND

000634       KHCO       HALLOCK                 MN  

000635       IVNH       IVANHOE                 MN  

000636       KSPW       SPENCER                 IA  

000637       K9D1       GREGORY                 SD  

000638       RLAS       LAKE ANDES              SD

000639       KJYR       YORK                    NE  

000640       KLXN       LEXINGTON               NE  

000641       KHJH       HEBRON                  NE  

000642       KPHG       PHILLIPSBURG            KS  

000650       KOGA       OGALLALA                NE  

000651       KTIF       THEDFORD                NE  

000655       KPOY       POWELL                  WY 

000656       KU68       COWLEY                  WY

000657       KYC        KAYCEE                  WY 

000660       KMRJ       MINERAL POINT           WI  

000668       KRPD       RICE LAKE               WI  

000669       KLJF       LITCHFIELD              MN  

000670       KCNB       CANBY                   MN  

000671       K2V5       WRAY                    CO 

000672       KC1        KIT CARSON              CO 

000678       K9K8       KINGMAN                 KS  

000679       K8K2       HARPER                  KS  

000680       KUKL       BURLINGTON              KS  

000681       K13K       EUREKA                  KS  

000682       K9K7       ELLSWORTH               KS 

724516       KLBL       LIBERAL                 KS

724517       KGBD       GREAT BEND              KS

724520       KP28       MEDICINE LODGE          KS 

724604       KEHA       ELKHART                 KS

724627       KTEX       TELLURIDE               CO

724655       KHLC       HILL CITY               KS

724767       KCEZ       CORTEZ                  CO

724768       KGXY       GREELEY                 CO

724769       KFNL       FORT COLLINS/LOVELAND   CO

725467       KSDA       SHENANDOAH              IA 

725476       KDEH       DECORAH                 IA 

725515       KBIE       BEATRICE                NE 

725526       KEAR       KEARNEY                 NE 

725555       KBBW       BROKEN BOW              NE 

725565       KOLU       COLUMBUS                NE 

725566       KONL       O'NEILL                 NE 

725626       KIML       IMPERIAL                NE 

725628       KHDE       HOLDREGE                NE 

725717       KRIL       RIFLE                   CO

726416       KLNR       LONE ROCK               WI 

726515       KBKX       BROOKINGS               SD 

726559       KMML       MARSHALL                MN 

726567       KULM       NEW ULM                 MN 

726578       KLXL       LITTLE FALLS            MN 

726589       KAEL       ALBERT LEA              MN 

727457       KDTL       DETROIT LAKES           MN 




Collective 5 (JUSB45):


NUMBER       ID         NAME    

000654       KEMM       KEMMERER                WY

724776       KCNY       MOAB/CANYONLANDS        UT

724927       KLVK       LIVERMORE_MUNICIPAL     CA 


Collective 6 (JUSB46):


NUMBER       ID         NAME

000368       MAW        MT ADAMS WEST           WA 

000369       SHNW       MT ST HELENS NW         WA 

000370       MHW        MT HOOD WEST            OR 

000371       TSW        THREE SISTERS WEST      OR 

000652       KDUB       DUBOIS                  WY 

000653       KAFO       AFTON                   WY 

726664       KP60       LAKE YELLOWSTONE        WY  

727924       KLS        KELSO-LONGVEIW_AWOS     WA


Collective 9 (JUSB49):


NUMBER       ID         NAME

000340       BS1        BERING SEA                  

000341       BS2        BERING SEA                

000342       BS3        BERING SEA                  

000765       PASA       SAVOONGA_AIRPORT        AK   

000766       PAKP       ANAKTUVUK_PASS          AK          

000767       PAGM       GAMBELL                 AK

000768       PAMY       MEKORYUK                AK

000769       SHIV       SHIVELUCH               AK

000770       KYMY       KARYMSKY                AK


There are no changes to collective 7, and 8 does not exist.


For questions concerning these changes, please contact:


    Geoff Manikin

    NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

    College Park, Maryland  20746



For questions about the NOAAPORT activation, please contact:


   Brian Gockel

   NWS/Office of Observations

   Silver Spring, Maryland  20910



NWS Technical Implementation Notices are available online at: